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The PAO Film & Video Collection!

We provide the most advanced curated collection of film and videos within our genre. It's public and does not require that you be logged in! 

Registered users can even add their own film links to our collection to help the community! We hope you'll enjoy it and consider becoming a regular on our forums! 

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    If there is no preview click the title of the video to go to the link. Sign-up to join the conversation! Already a member? Visit our Films, Music, & Media forum.

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PAO Film & Video Collection

Total Videos for Category Trailers & Commercials: 13


    For advanced instructions please visit our Films, Music & Media forum. Basic instructions: take the full youtube.com URL (and not the short 'youtu.be' style URL) and replace the part that says watch?v= with embed/ and that's it! For example:
    Before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJKHEpSCjcs
    After: https://www.youtube.com/embed/jJKHEpSCjcs

  • Category Descriptions

    Movies: originally released in theaters or broadcast.
    Documentaries: not about a celebrity nor created by a treatment center.
    Short Films: art house professionally quality shorts.
    Television (shows): any series considered ED-centric.
    Television (ED-episodes): where a show had an episode entered on an ED.
    Humor & Satire: funny light-hearted videos that make light of EDs.
    Treatment & Recovery: videos by a treatment center or advocacy group, or agency.
    International: anything non-English.
    Talkshows & News:News stories, special reports, TED talks, daytime talk, and lectures.
    Trailers & Commercials: film trailers and teasers.
    YouTube (Misc): non-professional video, commentary, and everything else.

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