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The "PAO Commandments"

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The PAO Commandments
No using PAO if you are under 16.
No using PAO if you do not have an ED. (this means diagnosed or meeting DSM criteria)
No "tips and tricks."
No "Ana Buddies" / "Ana Coaches."
No dieting, fasting, contests allowed on our public forums.
No posting pictures of other people. 
No thinspo, bonespo, fatspo, nude, SI (bleeding), or sexual pictures.
No shaming of any kind.

No posting copyrighted or illegal material.
No threatening, bullying, or inducing others to self-harm.
No deceitful, fraudulent, criminal, or sexually exploitive/grooming behavior.

All of the PAO Commandments are designed to foster the safe, friendly, supportive, and continuing existence of our community. Even if you don't agree with every one of these rules, all members are required to abide by them.

Do not take it upon yourself to 'enforce' these rules against others as a regular member. Please use the 'Report' function.

Footnotes: (1) Various "Communities" are allowed to do certain things that are otherwise not allowed on the main forums. (2) Differences in age requirements can vary depending on country (based on IP address or other data). (3) Tasteful and limited use of pictures/video as signatures and profiles have some flexibility from these rules. (4) Limited use of copyrighted material may be allowed under Fair Use Doctrine. (5) Shaming or bullying can even occur unintentionally through comments directed at yourself or to people in your real life. (6) Communities may be modified or retired due to inactivity of the creator, low usage, or incompatibility with the PAO Commandments or purpose of the site.

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