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⚠️​​​​​​​How to appeal a ban or suspension ⚠️​​​​​​​

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To ask for a reduced suspension or reconsideration of a ban you can post a reply here. 

We suggest waiting until after a minimum of 7 days of being banned/suspended has passed as a cooling off and reflection period (for us, any other user involved, and for you). 

Replies to this post will not be directly visible to other users.

Optional: You may wish to include an email address for us to reply if we determine a reply is necessary, but this is not required.


Important Legal Notice
By posting here or contacting any PAO moderator or staff member you agree that information related to the incident that caused the ban or suspension may be shared with other people (including PAO moderators, other PAO users, law enforcement, other pro-ana websites' staff, or even the public at large) as we deem necessary to adequately respond to either the incident that caused the ban/suspension or related to the appeal itself.

While under any ban or suspension your access privileges to this network system (i.e. the PAO website) are revoked.

Reminder: Attempting to gain elevated access privileges to a computer network system through unauthorized means, including use of someone else's account, creation of another account, or employing any other normal or abnormal technical means to bypass your revoked access or interrupt our site operation may be considered a computer crime.

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