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Registration Terms

Registration Terms
Version 1.0.0.a (Updated May 2018)

By registering an account on "the ProAna.online website" (PAO) you agree to follow the rules of behavior known as "PAO Commandments", consent to our Privacy Policy, agree to the contents of our Disclaimer and agree to the Registration Terms below:

You agree that you are over the age of 16 (sixteen) years old, that you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder by a medical or mental health professional, and that you are not legally prohibited from accessing an Internet website that includes members under the age of 18 (eighteen).

You agree that PAO is structured around different 'Community' groups composed of various members of the greater 'Pro-Ana' Internet community at large with various beliefs, membership terms, and policies than that of the ProAna.online website itself and its public forums. These specific 'Communities' enforce their own rules and policies regarding membership, language, content, and behavior, and are responsible for the operation of their own 'Community' as separate from the main public PAO forums and other public areas. Content in these Communities may be especially harmful or 'triggering' and may not be suitable for all individuals. PAOs Registration Terms, including age requirement and the prohibiting of criminal and sexually exploitive content, still apply to all Community groups but the rules of behavior ("PAO Commandments") may not. By using any of these 'Community' groups you assume the entirety of the risk of their use.

You agree to accept all risks of using PAO, that you understand that PAO content is community-created and is neither vetted nor approved by PAO or its operators, and that PAO users are neither vetted nor approved by PAO or its operators. We cannot guarantee any user will be protected from harmful content, which may include discussions of eating disorders, mental health issues, self-harm, and sexual trauma. Some users may find certain content 'triggering' based on their own medical or mental health history. We further cannot guarantee whether or not other users on PAO may attempt to use the site with harmful, exploitive, or criminal intent.

You agree that other users are solely responsible for their own behavior, communications, and posted content and this is not the responsibility of PAO. Content or users that have been flagged or otherwise identified and brought to our attention by the PAO user community as violating any of our terms may be removed or locked, but this only happens after the fact and 'locked' content may still be visible.

You agree that you are fully responsible for all posts, chats, pictures, and anything else originating from your user account. You will not provide any other person with access to your account and you will take reasonable measures to safeguard your login credentials and use the 'Contact Us' form on the PAO homepage if you suspect your account is being used by someone else.

You agree not to post any obscene, sexual, criminal, pornographic, exploitive, illegal, or threatening content. Violating this Registration Term may result in your account being warned, suspended, banned, and/or reported to law enforcement along with encrypted copies of any digital forensic evidence.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless it is your own original work. Any material you post must be of your own creation and you understand you will receive no payment of any kind in exchange from PAO.

You agree to not use any content on PAO as a substitute for advice obtained from a professional source. Neither this website nor its members can provide you any medical, legal, dietary, financial, emergency or other advice that takes the place of you seeking a professional. We strongly advise users to seek advice or emergency assistance only from a qualified and licensed professional in their field or from an emergency services provider.

You agree that if you experience any problems with PAO, its users, operators, or with specific content, that you will use the 'Contact Us' link on the PAO home page to notify us of the problem in order for us to assist in finding a possible solution.

You agree that, beyond notifying us to find a possible solution, that your recourse for any harm or damage you may suffer by use of PAO will be to cease your use of PAO immediately and to inform us using the "Contact Us" link on the PAO home page to delete your account along with all associated posts and content (subject to our Privacy Policy).

You agree that you have no financial or tangible interests in PAO nor in its continued operation nor in its availability or unavailability to you.

You agree that any money, goods, or services given to PAO is a gratuitous gift or donation with no expectation of payment, ownership or any other tangible interest.

You agree that PAO is a protected computer system and that attempting to intentionally disrupt the functioning of PAO through any technical means such as computer hacking or exploits, attempting to gain access to the account of another user or operator, attempting to gain elevated user rights access on any account, attempting to access or modify the PAO database or server files, attempting to store illegal content on PAO, or attempting any criminal activity using PAO constitutes a computer crime. The cost of remediation efforts, including but not limited to restoring PAO to normal operations, security audits, digital forensic analysis, legal costs and liabilities, custom coding, etc., shall be the responsibility of the person attempting the hacking, exploit, or trying to disrupt the PAO server or any of its users' accounts. These costs can easily exceed the low thresholds required for substantial computer crime prosecution offenses.

You agree that some members of PAO are particularly vulnerable due to their age, medical condition, mental health, or disability, and that cyberbullying (which is itself a felony in many jurisdictions) or other crimes targeted at such vulnerable individuals may additionally count as a hate crime due to that individual's disability status.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless PAO and its operators for all matters not under its exclusive control and for any damages you might incur from your use of PAO or contact with any of its users or content.

You agree that if any of these Registration Terms (including the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer referenced in the first paragraph) in whole or in part, shall be held as invalid, illegal, or unenforceable that the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining parts of that particular term along with the other registration terms shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

You agree that these above Registration Terms (including the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer referenced in the first paragraph) represent the sole understanding between you and PAO and that no other oral or written agreement beyond this has taken place.

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