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  1. September 18/19: still didn't read, don't think I studied enough as well. I studied a bit though and I'm quite okay with that. I think I'm taking good care of myself. September 20: a little bit about today, I can't chew and it really frustrates me. I just want to be able to eat 😞 I'm currently trying to put my teeth on top of each other to prepare myself. Hmm it's not ideal, and it hurts, but I guess it's okay. Let's give breakfast a try again.
  2. @PooreClare sounds like a good plan! Better work with what you have already and slowly cut down, than restricting too much and risk eating more.
  3. I can't study because...

    My desk isn't organised enough xD


    1. PAO


      Maybe you can organize it first? 🙂 🙂 🙂 

    2. Elissabeth


      @PAO it's just an excuse to not start studying xD procrastination for the win! 😛

  4. September 17: the dental surgeon went well ^^ Didn't reach any of my goals. I think I'm going to set new goals for this week. Because I'm probably not getting enough exercise. 1. Read every day (instead of before sleeping) I'm trying to think of more goals, one would be self care related. And one would be study related, because I can't be behind after this week o-o 2. Study 2 hours a day (can be more) but I'd like to start with 2 hours. 3. ?? I'll decide later
  5. September 13: I didn't even knew it was Friday the thirteenth until the end of the day xD I got my exercise, went to all my classes ^^ September 14&15: I didn't get my exercise of that day, but I did have two performances and it was quite exhausting so I think I'll count that as enough movement. September 16: enough exercise again, and i attended all my classes Attending classes is going very well, I haven't skipped any classes yet! Though, I will have to this week. I have to go to the dental surgeon today to get my wisdom teeth out, today one side, and then another day the other side. I'm a bit nervous, but everything is going to be okay. The reading is not going that well. I've started a lot of books in the past months, but I didn't finish one of them.
  6. September 9: attend classes and be active for at least 60 minutes check! Didn't read September 10: same as September 9 September 11: attend classes, it was raining outside so I didn't make my daily walk. I was cold all day o-o oh yes! I did read today 😄 September 12: attend classes, and be active for 112 minutes!! 11.5k steps ^^ it was a long day. Let's see if I'm going to read tonight 😛 I'm getting busier at uni. My time schedule is crazy. I feel very productive already, but it feels like not enough. It never feels like enough o-o let's hope it all goes well and I'll finish my degree in 1.5 month (plus side: I'll have 5 free days after it!)
  7. You can do it! Maybe your body is asking for more, because you're going to the gym more often, I think if you cut down little by little you'll get to your goal! @PooreClare
  8. September 7: I didn't reached any goal today. Though I've done some studying. September 8: same, hope to be able to grab my book and read this evening!
  9. The pictures you post are lovely, @PooreClare! September 6: I got one goal of the three, I went to my classes, was active for 40/60 minutes and I didn't read before sleeping. I just didn't feel like it, oops! Getting 60 minutes of activity in the weekend will be a real challenge, since I don't have to go to uni, or go out of the house x)
  10. You can do it!! I've read before I went to bed, but got to my phone afterwards again. I guess I'm just too used to it. Hopefully it will grow though! 5/09/2019: Being active for 60 minutes, check! I made a walk through the park and botanical garden during lunch break ^^. I went to my lecture again today! Oh yeah! It was a nice lecture 🙂 it was about a topic which suits me very well. Going to read soon, I'm reading game of thrones at the moment. It's nice, but I'm not sure about reading it before bed. Maybe it's just the few first chapters I have to go through XD
  11. Date: September 4, 2019 Goals 1 and 2 are done ^^ I'll let you know tomorrow how the reading went.
  12. Yay!! How are we going to post our progress? Just check in here with a new post or edit one and keep it to one post?
  13. Today was my first day of uni in 9.5 weeks! 😮

    I was attending a lecture with people 6 year younger than me. And at another lecture I saw a student who I met last year and I think we're becoming friends (only 2 years younger than me). Age doesn't matter, the reason why I'm doing this counts way more. Finally accepting this a bit... it brings tears to my eyes. 

    I'm hoping to finish my bachelor degree in two months!!!!!! 🎉

  14. Name: Elissa Goal 1: be active at least one hour a day. 2. Go to every lecture and tutorial. 3. Read before I go to sleep. So, nothing food related since I'm in recovery. But I thought, goal 1 would be a healthy goal. About goal 2: I'm very good at class skipping. But I have a chance to finish my degree in 2 months, so I don't want to waste that chance! Goal 3: I want to read more and don't want to fall asleep with my phone. I'm excited to join, I love challenges! ^^
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