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  1. 7/2/2018 food diary

    breakfast: terrible banana pancakes - 114 cal (didn't eat all of them because they were really yuck)

    lunch: half a leftover burrito - 430 cal (mistake)

    dinner: 1 cup chicken parmesan bowtie pasta - 230 cal

    dessert: 3 cantalope chunks - 270 cal

    Calorie Total: 1,014 cal.

    overall i think i did really badly today. if i didn't let myself eat that burrito i wouldnt be over 1,000 calories, like that my only restriction rule when im not on a specific diet. im gonna aim for 100 less than today for tomorrow and hope i dont screw up.

    im getting a blender tomorrow, so maybe ill make myself mostly smoothies? that seems like a good idea, i really like smoothies and if you make them right theyre super low cal, so i hope it shows up on time. 

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