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  1. The PAO Commandments No using PAO if you are under 16. No using PAO if you do not have an ED. (this means diagnosed or meeting DSM criteria) No "tips and tricks." No "Ana Buddies" / "Ana Coaches." No dieting, fasting, contests allowed on our public forums. No posting pictures of other people. No thinspo, bonespo, fatspo, nude, SI (bleeding), or sexual pictures. No shaming of any kind. No posting copyrighted or illegal material. No threatening, bullying, or inducing others to self-harm. No deceitful, fraudulent, criminal, or sexually exploitive/grooming behavior. All of the PAO Commandments are designed to foster the safe, friendly, supportive, and continuing existence of our community. Even if you don't agree with every one of these rules, all members are required to abide by them. Do not take it upon yourself to 'enforce' these rules against others as a regular member. Please use the 'Report' function. Footnotes: (1) Various "Communities" are allowed to do certain things that are otherwise not allowed on the main forums. (2) Differences in age requirements can vary depending on country (based on IP address or other data). (3) Tasteful and limited use of pictures/video as signatures and profiles have some flexibility from these rules. (4) Limited use of copyrighted material may be allowed under Fair Use Doctrine. (5) Shaming or bullying can even occur unintentionally through comments directed at yourself or to people in your real life. (6) Communities may be modified or retired due to inactivity of the creator, low usage, or incompatibility with the PAO Commandments or purpose of the site.
  2. You are currently a GUEST and can only see the outside area of our site (and select areas, such as Vlogs and this Guest section). Want access to our site? It's easy as 1-2-3! 1. SIGN IN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You can create a unique account for PAO or you can use your existing LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, etc. account! This is called "Single-Sign-On" and is perfectly safe, secure, and private. 2.. When you first sign in you will ONLY see the "Introductions" area. Post a new topic there introducing yourself to us! 3. After your introduction post you will unlock all our public forums! It's that easy! Optional: As an extra step you can visit our "Communities" (sign post icon) as well. There's lots of great extra areas there as well! Are you a Tapatalk or PAO Forums App user? Be sure to read the next topic for additional important access details!
  3. ** Please read if you are a Tapatalk user or using the PAO Forums App ** The PAO website allows for efficient access through either Tapatalk or the dedicated PAO Forums App. Keep in mind that PAO is much bigger than what you see through those apps! They allow you to access our forums and Community-based forums, but our main site also has Vlogs, Quizzes, Community Pages, Status Updates, a graphical Member Map, and more. Even if you want to use Tapatalk or the PAO Forums app 99% of the time, you'll want to check out our main site occasionally so you can at least look at our Community Pages and join one or more of our great Communities. Once you join any of these Communities on our main site you can continue to access the forums for that Community under the "Subscribed" section of the PAO Forums App. We encourage you to visit our full website at https://PoetryArt.online. For Android users you are strongly encouraged to switch to our custom App. For iPhone users, we'll be releasing our iOS App soon (hopefully). Both the standard Android and iPhone browsers can access our fully mobile-optimized site supporting all features. Tip: If you create your account on Tapatalk or on the PAO Forums app we may need to merge your account with a website account, which is fine. The preferred way is to create your account on the website though, then sign into Tapatalk or the PAO Forums app using that account.
  4. To ask for a reduced suspension or reconsideration of a ban you can post a reply here. We suggest waiting until after a minimum of 7 days of being banned/suspended has passed as a cooling off and reflection period (for us, any other user involved, and for you). Replies to this post will not be directly visible to other users. Optional: You may wish to include an email address for us to reply if we determine a reply is necessary, but this is not required. __________ Important Legal Notice By posting here or contacting any PAO moderator or staff member you agree that information related to the incident that caused the ban or suspension may be shared with other people (including PAO moderators, other PAO users, law enforcement, other pro-ana websites' staff, or even the public at large) as we deem necessary to adequately respond to either the incident that caused the ban/suspension or related to the appeal itself. While under any ban or suspension your access privileges to this network system (i.e. the PAO website) are revoked. Reminder: Attempting to gain elevated access privileges to a computer network system through unauthorized means, including use of someone else's account, creation of another account, or employing any other normal or abnormal technical means to bypass your revoked access or interrupt our site operation may be considered a computer crime.
  5. PAO has the best 2018 mobile technology support for Android / iPhone / iPad browsers. If you're unimpressed by limited, painful, or awkward mobile browser support then you haven't experienced PAO. Our mobile browser system was not designed as an afterthought. 100% of desktop browser features are available through our mobile browser experience. PAO has the best 2018 desktop support for Windows/Mac/Chromebook. Our support includes flashy features like drop-and-drag picture attachments, onscreen display (OSD) menus, tie-in to your operating system notifications feature, and even numerous subtle touches like highlighting with the mouse to quote in a reply. Our site is made to be International/Multi-Lingual friendly. Although the main public forums are in English-only, the interface itself is selectable in several other languages. Members are also able to set up language-specific areas using our integrated 'Communities' system (see below). We offer space for semi-independent distinct 'Communities' within the Eating Disorder sphere. Although many Communities specifically relate to Eating Disorder/Mental Health issues, people have formed language-specific communities, and hobby/shared interest Communities as well. PAO was designed from the ground up before Day One as a modern, mature Eating Disorder/Mental Health site. Our rules and structure are designed to be clear, support a mature and drama-free experience, and foster community participation by providing a safer and comforting environment for people to interact with those who have a shared life experience. PAO has the most content-consumption-focused system. You can click or tap to see just unread posts, and our flexible system lets you change your view between the 'traditional' Internet forums layout to tile-based orfluid layout. As many still have use for the Tapatalk App for quick content access, we support that as well(*). Our whole interface is driven not merely by aesthetics, but practical usability as well. PAO features an enterprise-grade commercial/industrial software. This enables us to provide numerous new features, fixes, and upgrades in a matter of hours/days, instead of weeks/months. In just a few weeks after our initial launch we added a moods system, custom 'likes', new themes like 'Dark Mode' and 'Classic MPA', an anonymous posting forum, video profiles, photo gallery, social media account Single-Sign-On (SSO), and a full 'Video Blogging' (Vlog) area. PAO is hugely expandable even beyond its already expanded abilities. We focus on providing a relatively safer experience based on security & privacy. Fully 20% of our features (galleries, chat, etc.) relate to the user interface (UI) / user experience (UX), 30% relate to behind the scenes Staff/Moderator community management, and 50% relate exclusively to back-end safety, security, tracking, and threat mitigation. Our passion is to make PAO the absolute worst place for any predator to be based on bad experiences on previous pro-ana sites over the years. (*) Tapatalk and the PAO App are only designed to interact with forums, and many of our advanced/additional features beyond forums are not accessible by Tapatalk or the PAO App.
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