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  1. Having my second bath of the day...

  2. Reading hell screen by Akutagawa rn and making my way through a huge book of European history
  3. Wanna binge but thank the lord for being broke and very far away from any store that sells food.

    1. elaine benes

      elaine benes

      ohhhh yea, been there!! right now actually lol.

  4. Have a beautiful day my friend โค๏ธย 

  5. Just stayed up all night watching k-pop videos **facepalm** this is what happens when I donโ€™t drink.

    1. Spankablebutt


      giggles - i was up almost all night too - but not even a good excuse like you have!

  6. Hey my friend โค๏ธ

    How are you doing !?

    1. woodenlegs


      Not too bad :), hbu?

    2. Spankablebutt


      pretty good, thanks!

      Ugh, don't know my weigh because I I drank coffee and water before I weighed ๐Ÿ˜›ย 

      Only complaint I have right now โค๏ธ


  7. Drinking my way through a bottle of gin, painfully wishing you were here.

  8. 7/8 . . . 141 this morning. I'm on my period so hopefully some of that's bloating. Ate a bowl of ramen at 2AM after chasing a bat around my house for an hour, so I'll be counting that for today. Too bad MFP dosen't have estimated calories burnt for bat catching, it was hella exhausting. I fasted yesterday, I'm planning for the ramen to be the only intake today. I've been getting really bad headaches at night while I try to sleep, so I'm going to take some painkillers and nyquil before going to bed, hopefully that helps me pass out. I'm now going to get the wolf spider out of my tub and have a bath (I live in an old farmhouse, lots of unwelcome flatmates crawling around). Anywho... . . . Ramen - 470 Total: 470
  9. YESS reclamation is one of my favorite songs of all time. Following :).
  10. It killed me a little to put 140 in the title but it is what it is, Iโ€™ve hit a new HW. So this thread will see me get back down to 100 (previous LW) and maybe 90 after that. Iโ€™ve got 5 months to get down at least 40 pounds. About me: She/Her INFP/INTP Saggitarius sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising Writer (well, I write) Major/persistent depressive disorders Rules: Im very bad at so letโ€™s go day by day. Ill spruce this thread up a bit once Iโ€™m on my computer.
  11. I also work at a book store. Have you ever heard of customer service wolf, itโ€™s amazing. Anyways best of luck and the template looks great!
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