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  1. (This is just a long vent/rant about my day that nobody needs to care about)

    I don't know if Gag Reflex Broke or if I'm just not doing it right but no matter what I do I can never cough up anything substantial. At least chugging a bunch of salt water made me feel too sick to eat anything else for the rest of the day so there's a bright side to everything??

    I panicked and took some laxatives that didn't work, then later in the day took a xanax and walked to this music venue because a friend was performing there but I was high and distracted the whole time and everyone just kinda ignored me for the most part and it felt like nobody really wanted me to be there. Then walked around for a few hours after that and stole some diet pills that probably won't do much either but make me feel better

    I'm starting over tomorrow, there's no more peanut butter in the house which is the main thing that gets me started so I'll probably be okay this time as long as nobody tries to make me eat anything (which should be fine if I just Avoid Everyone)

    I was doing so fucking well and I'm still angry with myself but in reality it wasn't actually that bad and I just need to chilllll

    I'm going to go do more sit ups now just in case tho

    All I know is I am NOT giving myself another "break day" in a LONG time


    1. Spankablebutt



      It WILL get better. 

      I am sorry you are and have been struggling so much though 

      Sounds like you have been going through hell.

      Feel free to talk to me in pm or anywhere about it.

      We all need support, right?


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