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  1. Gonna actually eat lunch today

    Partly because the yogurt's expiring soon, but I might be able to get away with skipping dinner tomorrow, which is a rare opportunity, so I'm giving myself a bit of a break today (not going overboard tho)

    1. PooreClare


      I had yogurt for breakfast because it was expiring. I never eat breakfast. It's good to give yourself a break, especially when you see it evening out in the future.

    2. IA2SD is a Wendigo

      IA2SD is a Wendigo

      I wish I could be logical about how I eat, like it seems you're able to do today!  Like, last night my husband really pushed for dinner out tonight.  And instead of saying, "Okay, that's fine, I'll just eat less tonight!"  I went ahead and binged on instant mashed potatoes and Reese's peanut butter cups.... why, brain?  Why?  :classic_wacko::classic_blink:

    3. Jermaxonz


      Nah bruh I do the same thing too if it's in front of me, that's why I hate going out to eat with people

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