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  1. I am sorry I am not  a better Person...trust me, I try harder each day...yet I still fail 😞 

    1. pinky*


      hey what is going on

    2. Spankablebutt


      I am okay - was having such a hard night last night - I am...blessed to be here today.

      Was struggling because i keep getting volunteer jobs left and right and only 1 paid job, but for only 4 hours in a week - wtf....

      and i had no money - no gas - i could not even volunteer - 

      and i realized that this is NOT my career life path - i have NO joy in this.

      But....decided to go for my reiki as a career.....im terrified...but I would rather be terrified than miserable.

       And just doing jobs that other people think i should do.

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