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  1. Finally realized why I have been so damn HUNGRY the past few days!

    I do not have nearly enough protein in my diet.

    It is so hard too because veggies are lower in cal than protein and on days that are 950, 900 or 800 cals:   

    It is hard to get protein in.

    But today was a 1,000 cal day and I filled it with protein and the hunger went away!

    Lesson learned: add protein in every meal!


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    2. Spankablebutt


      imo: ( i have been on both) ritalian drops faster than adderall.

      I pick addies over ritalin , any day.

      ...yes, I am a walking pharmacy 😛 


    3. Jermaxonz


      Always good to get a second opinion lol

      Yeah I've been looking into adderall more than anything else, plus I'm about to go to college where everyone's probably on it already lmao 


    4. Spankablebutt


      lolol - very true!

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