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  1. wow - I had a " binge" last night.

    Ate junk food...and ate more than I should.

    Was terrified to weigh in today

    - but -

    I did and I lost 3 oz!

    Hahahahhaahha 😛 

    1. Prokofiev


      Yay for the positive start to your day hun. May it continue ❤️

    2. Spankablebutt



      I know I am going to lose tomorrow too - the lax I took yesterday AFTERNOON - is STILL working this evening ( was all day).

      Last time I take that much senna!

      But - not complaining because it really worked!

      Want to get on scale right now - but not because I don't want to be disappointed or get back in the habit of getting on the scale a million times a day!


      How are YOU? 

      How did the lunch go?



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