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  1. How do I start a photo gallery? 

    Does anyone know?

    Could use some help - lol - like ...where even can I find it?

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    2. PAO


      Depending how wide your screen is, it should show a top menu bar right underneath the PAO logo on the top-left corner: Forums Communities Guidelines Gallery More. 

      If your screen or window is more narrow, some of the later options (Gallery, even Guidelines) may not fit but would then appear in the "More" menu. If the menu does not appear at all then they should all appear in the 3 lines icon on the top-right portion of the screen.

      If none of this is matching what you see can you do a screenshot for me? and attach it here?

    3. Spankablebutt



      Found it that way!

      Thank you so much!


      Hahahhaha - I am not not the most tech savvy apparently!



    4. Spankablebutt


      ...now to decide what to put in it ...

      what theme....

      and shall I stay anonymous or not 😛 


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