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  1. feeling kinda lonely 

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    2. Spankablebutt


      yay for holiday! but here are some hugs for the obsessing part ( hugs ,hugs, hugs)

      I get in that space too - so I do understand!

      kinda like this?



      Oh, I am SO glad you are making your first accountability! Yeah, makes sense that you would be a little ( lot) nervous and anxious about it, but:

      In my experience - it really really really helps me to have one.

      Keeps me accountable to myself and to others....and is a great source of support!

      And a wonderful place to both vent and celebrate victories! 

      I wish you all the luck in your adventure and your accountability!


      I think I am heading to bed soon ( it is 11:30 pm here) and I have to get up at 630 am....that class tomorrow is at noon...but I am meeting a classmate to practice level one material beforehand - so I am out of the house at 10.

      aka: I am probs going to sleep soon!



      But do check in if you have time!

      Chances are I most likely will still be on 😛 



    3. Prokofiev


      Aw get some sleep hun, it will do you good and you may just wake in the morning feeling better in mind and body....I hope that for you so much x

      hey are there pm's here? If you can explain it to me maybe it would be easier to chat that way?

    4. Spankablebutt


      yup - got your pm! ❤️ 

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