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  1. Feeling pretty good today!

    Don't know why - one just one factor - a few.

    But the point is - I feel great ❤️ 

    Let the day begin!

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    2. Mum


      So so. Continuing to have head pain from my concussion (from June 2)  and am debating going to the dr or ER to get it checked, again. Thanks

    3. Spankablebutt


      awwww, that is Horrible!!!!

      I know that headaches go together with concussions, but if they do not go away or get worse - yeah, def get that checked out!

      I hope you are okay!

      Sending healing light , love and energy.


    4. Mum


      Thanks 🙂 I am still waiting for a call back from the nurses to know if I should get checked or not. Hope you have some relief soon for your knee *hugs

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