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  1. Anorexic patients at work are super triggering. Literally having to force myself not to look at their notes as it shows who has been in their medical history.

    I wish this thing would just fuck off. I never get more than a fucking months respite from it. Can it either get so bad it kills me or just go away altogether???? 

  2. I basically fast, eat like a normie, purge and repeat. Then rant and self pity. Nothing exciting. This accountability will be for my fasts. Starting a 68 hour fast and gonna count down old-school Xanga style 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 2221 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 The hours I bold will be the hours I have completed. My reward will be a beautiful glass of red wine. Boyf is out at sport so as long as I cook it will be okay. I literally expect noone to interact with this. So ya cool.
  3. A doctor at work after eating breakfast: "I can't remember the last time I was full, but I just had to eat breakfast but I reckon you are worse than me!" Hahaha I want my body to finally give in and die everyday and everything feels marginally unreal to me at all times but hahahaha, yeah "just a tad, I am not really a morning person" 

  4. Sick of being sick and noone noticing how bad it is getting. If anyone notices I will probably explode with shame and aggresively deny it. Struggling to be positive, boo. Switched on all day so when I get home it is a huge emotional crash. Rambles. 

  5. Totally forgot that makeup was part of goal 3 and I did good for the first part but today I forgot half my routine because I am basically averaging 3 hours sleep a night. At least coffee exists?!?!?!
  6. 9th October Goal 1: nada Goal 2: oui Goal 3: £24.50/£20.00 so far I have bought a sandwich, a protein ball, pitta bread, chocolate almond milk, oat milk, hummus, vegan chicken nuggets and a bottle of wine...the wine has definitely tipped me over 1/3 10th October Goal 1: again, none! I have been working loke 12 hour days so there is no surprise Goal 2: nope...removed my makeup wayyyy too late Goal 3: see above All da fun and failure!
  7. 7th October Goal 1: watched 28 Days Week Later Goal 2: did my skincare routine Goal 3: £5.55/£20.00 spent on food so far 3/3 8th October Goal 1: it is date night for me so unfrotunately no horror movie Goal 2: skincare all done Goal 3: still at £5.55/£20 2/3 🎃🎃🎃
  8. 06th October Goal 1: watched 2 movies (look at me being an overacheiver). First I watched a new Netflix horror AMI which was hilariously bad; the second movie I watched was 28 Days Later, my favourite zombie movie. Goal 2: £0/£20 spent as my bf paid for salad stuff on his way home from football. Goal 3: did my whole skincare routine 3/3
  9. 05th October Goal 1: I did see the new Joker movie but I don't think that counts as a horror film though. BOO. I have the flat to myself today though and therefore the TV! WOO. Goal 2: £0/£20 spent so far Goal 3: I did my full skincare routine! 🧖‍♀️ 2/3
  10. I am always super late to sign up to anything! But I need some structure back in my life so I am just insert myself here. Sorry for joining a week in! Name: Seair Spooks Goal 1) Watch a horror movie/horror programme a day (sounds odd but a) it is on brand for the month and b) i am in a competition with someone from work to watch the most horror movies/programmes and I don't like losing 👻☠) Goal 2) £20 a week food budget (I am moving, going to Australia and going home for Christmas so this NEEDS to happen. Plus, less money means less food options!) Goal 3) Follow my skincare routine and always applying a full face of makeup before work (sounds vain, becase I am, but I have had acne for most of my life and I work in a customer facing role so wearing make up helps with confidence and presenting myself) What I hope to gain: some good habits and, as mentioned above, a bit more structure to my life. I babbled a lot in this, sorry!
  11. I often feel like the world is fake and I am just making up my memories

    1. Saoirse


      It's people that are fake. 

  12. Got a promotion at work and the woman who keeps comparing my arms to hers and telling other coworkers I don't eat has quit. Best part is I got her job and I am definitely on more than she was. I also have my own office so I can avoid all the snacks. THANK YOU 

  13. RANT: Spent the whole day feeling like I am about to black out, literally struggling to stand. I can't tell if this is due to sleep deprevation or high restriction. I eat something small and now my fucking brain is telling me I need to walk for three bloody hours and I want to both laugh and scream. I am so frustrated because I know if my brain wasn't being so loud I would just be pissed I was getting fat. 

    1. PooreClare


      How frustrating! 

  14. Like a healthy human I am going to use the anxiety from my brother and the stress of possibly being offered/forced into a promotion I don't want to lose 14lbs in a month. See you then

    1. PooreClare


      Hey, I'm also taking the raw emotions of familial stress to restrict my ass off. Twinsies.

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