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  1. really not a fan of EDC. its just like what mpa1 became only now its also full of butterflies. ive just discovered pancakes and it seems just as relaxed as PAO! looks like i'll be staying there

    1. elaine benes

      elaine benes

      I agree, I’m sticking with being active on PAO and continuing to browse/lurk pancake too. At some point I’ll probably start posting some there too.

    2. ghostingboy


      its a shame because it had so much potential but it's been overtaken by the 'popular' ones again 😞 i hope pao gets a little more active, but not too much!

    3. elaine benes

      elaine benes

      Yup. And same! I know a lot of other people like having a really large community, so hopefully we’ll be able to stay small here since they will all stay at MPA or go to EDC

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