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  1. im eating 700-800 calories a day. i am STILL stuck at 126 after a WEEK.

  2. 'severely suicidal' sounds nice to say. not nice to feel. 

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    2. ghostingboy


      thank you dear, i'm not quite but it's something that i don't think will stop for a long time. that's okay, though - i'll manage

    3. Pandie


      Just remember you're never alone. 

    4. PooreClare


      Offering you hugs and a willing ear. Please message me if you need to talk.

  3. i made it...

    i'm under 9st for the first time in my life.

    i could cry 😭

  4. family gathering with so much food around. am i strong enough?

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    2. PooreClare


      You can totally handle it! Just be sensible and remember it's only one meal. You can get back to normal tomorrow.

    3. Spankablebutt


      Hey - how did it go?

      let us know?

    4. ghostingboy


      thank you guys so much! i managed to stop myself, and this morning i realised i was back down to my pre-binge week weight!

  5. you're a wonderful person and i hope you find peace today

    1. Spankablebutt


      thank you - already finding clarify, and that proceeds peace, right? I will be okay ❤️ 

      Thank you so much for your kind words and wishes for me. 


  6. i messed up. big time. i was meant to have two days of not counting because it was my partner's birthday. instead i've had four days, and i think i've already put on 4lbs. my body has changed so much and i genuinely dont know why im still here. i feel so awful

    1. Spankablebutt


      your still here because we love you and you belong here ❤️ 

  7. you're an amazing person!

    1. Spankablebutt


      I love you for saying that ❤️

      Thank you so much  - I literally am smiling ear to ear and I swear I have  happy tears.

      I do not hear that often...meaning at all 😛 

      And you shine, my friend, I am so glad I met you!


  8. i'm still 127lbs. haven't eaten over 1000 in quite a few days.

    went to the DRs about possible POTS and need to up my salt intake to 4g. hello, water weight.

    on top of that it's getting obvious that i've lost weight. i just want to give up.

    i'll never lose my curves, never lose my feminine body and always be stuck as the fat kid who says he's a boy.

    1. Guest


      Do you exercise..? General fitness and muscle building has saved my figure and really brings out a masculine shape in my shoulders, which is lifesaving and so helpful for passing. You will feel hopeless at times, but never give up! Imagine how you want to be and commit to it happening, even if you can't see how it could ever become reality. 

  9. i haven't been on here for a couple of days because i genuinely feel so guilty. i've had a lot of work to do, my mental health has been the worst for years and i've still not been eating.. and yet? i haven't lost weight in quite a few days. i don't know why or how but i felt like a fraud to be posting on here when i might not even have this stupid disorder in the first place


    1. Spankablebutt


      I feel you...

      I have felt like a fraud for my own reasons on here and just didn't come on to post for 2 days 😞

      I am sorry you are feeling that pain.

      You are not alone though.


  10. gonna end up being a little absent today and tomorrow! completely exhausted

    1. Guest


      Take your time. Rest and recover! 

  11. spending the day listing new items in my shop and crafting. so exhausted!

    1. Spankablebutt


      sounds like a good day though! 

  12. didnt binge but didnt count. seriously.... f this

    1. PooreClare


      Hey, count your victories. Not bingeing is amazing. 

    2. ghostingboy


      thankyou dear. its not really a victory as i haven't ever really binged. i just wish i had counted today

    3. PooreClare


      You've NEVER binged? Now I'm jealous af.

  13. higher cal day today again. i really don't care, i'm thinking of upping my intake to 1000 anyway as i'm getting more active now. i want to live long enough to see myself skinny so i refuse to kill myself before then!

    1. Spankablebutt


      I can not express enough how happy I am to hear this! Yes - what is the point of being skinny if you are not alive to strut yr shit?!

      You are awesome. I am so proud of you!


  14. lol scrap that my bank account is at an all time low

  15. i made enough to pay rent this week for the first time EVER

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