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  1. wow, i feel like i'm going to shake through the floor. time to get a coffee! 

  2. waaaaa i'm faaaat

    i've been eating terribly this past week

    and every time i eat something bad i want to purge but i can't so 😕
    no mitigating this damage

    i can feel FAT coating my whole body and it's just so grosssss

    1. PooreClare


      It's a good thing you're not purging, though. It probably doesn't seem like it right now, but it is.

    2. citrus


      you're right but i still hate it lmao

      luckily i feel better now! life goes on 

  3. ohohoho u can all see this now

    kermit de frog here 🐸

    1. PAO
    2. citrus


      those scale emojis dhsjnsnsnns 

  4. today i was visiting my aunt and i wanted to weigh myself on her scale, but she came into the bathroom and i totally forgot about it. 😓😩

  5.  despite losing weight at the moment, i feel like my legs are fatter than ever,,, 😢

  6. i won the day yesterday!

    ,,,that's so tragic 😂

    1. elaine benes

      elaine benes

      yay you done did it! it’s about time you did 😊

  7. I like omelettes because you can hide vegetables in them and then you don't have to make a side salad or anything. It's also really satisfying to make a successful omelette.
  8. and now for the biweekly! things have been bizarrely tense around my house lately >,,: but i've been exercising most days and not eating over my tdee, so i'm safe. i've missed a few classes tho, which is uuuuuh not good 04/08#1:#2:#3: 04/09#1:#2:✔#3: 04/10#1:✔#2:✔#3:
  9. don't mind me, just finishing up my week 2 report 04/07#1:#2:✔#3:✔ which brings my weekly total up to... 75! yay!
  10. happy (late) birthday!!
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