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  1. McDonald’s has vegan stuff that’s low in calories. I’m very intrigued by this.

    1. PAO


      What items do they have? Is this new? Not sure if this is world-wide... haven't seen any new products in the US that are vegan.

    2. chi


      what the hec

    3. Araminta


      @PAO  @chi the products in fast food chains vary depending on where you live, I remember reading how in the EU certain products cannot be sold due to their ingredients. I basically checked out the calories of their soy Latte and Cappuccino at McCafé and they were shockingly to me UNDER 100cal. I kid you not I’m in shock myself, even their Cinnamon Latte is under 150cal, I’m talking regular size. I don’t know if they use the same syrups and flavors in the US. Also and I really did NOT know that, their apple pie is vegan. It’s 228 cal in comparison the one in the US has 240 at least that’s what the page states. Furthermore their fries are vegan, the McFreezies too and they’re also 50cal only but I think they’re seasonal. I’ll never understand why everything in North America seems to be more calorie dense is there a specific reason for it? I remember people in Highschool who went for a gap year telling me how they all of a sudden would fit into size 0 cos’ the sizing was off or how they had gained weight from eating all that American candy. American candy is a huge favorite of many people here and they go to great lengths to import it, a shop opened here selling that stuff and it almost had to close down as they hadn’t declared the ingredients and calories on the items and it’s illegal to sell that stuff undeclared.

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