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  1. Shortened for tag. If you look over the account post history, what is the likelihood that someone serious is going to join, and within 48 hours demand dick pics from a community? Completely off topic from the actual discussion, as "male identifying" and "trans friendly" are the two magic words of the day. Completely irrelevant on here. Don't waste your time. Will ban when I get around to it, if I can.
  2. All I can say to that is when the member that has the most control of the group at the current moment overall is trans, thats clearly not gonna happen. I can't tell if you're trolling or not, but frankly, it doesn't matter. I do find it a little odd however that your account was made two days ago, and this is the only forum you've posted in other than the mandatory introductions. We aren't starting a fight over a post that was made half a year ago in the regards of allowing in a few people who may or may not try to weasel their way in for reasons that aren't necessarily together. It was outlined from things I saw specifically on MPA's minority forums (males with ed and other minorities), as well as the LGBT forums. If you want to gain reactions from these kinds of things, please feel free to go back to MPA, where they'll put up with it. Thanks!
  3. Its nice to meet you guys. I'm glad this page is getting somewhere.
  4. Nobody even wants to join us so I think we are alright lol. Shortened cause I'm a typer. As I said on my reply to evilangel, MPA had this weird dynamic of angry people. Its okay to be angry at times, but not angry just at others cause Buzzfeed told me to be angry, I guess. I hope people here can relate, as there is enough difference within the male ed community already. You don't have to be trans to be here, but you don't have to be cis either. Just male-identifying, really. I'm sorry about your abuse. I understand a bit (not fully but I empathise). I hold a lot of issues/trauma from a mother with an ed, and things that were taught to me as a child via her words and actions towards me are still programmed in my brain. I hope you find a way to at least heal a little.
  5. Hi quoted a lil bit cause its long. This page literally fell apart cause I've been gone lol. So I'm trans too, and one thing I noticed on MPA is you'd have these nasty subforums that were set up with good intentions. Ie things like minorities subforum or the lgbt subforum, but it'd be filled with these disgusting groups like 'shit white/cis people say' or something aimed to bash what is considered to be the 'majority'. I do want to make it very clear that I never want this to be the place for that. I know you didn't say it or anything, but I don't know. It was prevalent on MPA. It caused fights. It was nasty. I think whether or not you're allowed in men's spaces is more of an issue of how you identify. For medical and legal purposes, I do go by female, as if I change that I'll literally be deported. I'm also not gonna correct every person I don't know who calls me ma'm. I'm not gonna be the ftm version of the gamestop ma'm. However, within my sphere of relevance regarding people, they do know I'm trans. I identify as a guy, cause that's how I feel is right. If its the same for you, then welcome 100%. I do definitely want this to be a place where all standards of masculinity that effect the male ed community are talked about, and dysphoria is definitely a real thing. The effect it has on the trans population is a real thing, just as with cis indivduals. Eating disorders are also extremely prevalent in the gay community. This isn't wikihow or quora.com. Non-identifiers don't need to come in and ask us why. My opinion, 8000 years later.
  6. Hey sorry I've had a really hectic while. I feel bad leading a community that I thinks really important and me and the owner being gone. Is anyone here active who'd be willing to admin or something? I'll see what I can do about it so we can keep this together. Sorry for the inactivity I'm literally an irresponsible piece of shit.
  7. I've been gone for a while kms. School is killing me.

    1. PooreClare


      I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Hang in there. Once you have your degree, so many opportunities will open up to you.

  8. Its good to hear that you like it! I love the leuchtturm because it has so many features that are such a help for something so school-specific (my planner). I don't mind the paper like I thought it would. It actually holds to erasing. I'd just be careful with pen choices. I have not attempted to use my fountain pen, as I'm terrified of bleeding. But I'll try to test it, haha.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't trust the back pocket of any bujo, tbh. Those things are made out of cardboard. Also, how many pages? Does it have a table of contents? Give us the details!
  10. Yeah I hate when there's like...excessive room, haha. And the leuchtturm definitely is light when it comes to paper. Not as bad as the moleskine, but still light.I'd say more 'ghosting' than 'bleeding'.
  11. So for this semester, I'm using the Leuchtturm 1917 A5 hardcover notebook with dots. I used to use the Rhodia because it has amazing paper weight and quality, but here's why I switched: (by the way my layout is this: school calendar in the front, notes and school work in the centre, doodles on the back. I'm doing production so I have to just draw storyboards for myself and make concepts..that's why this works for me.) The leuchtturm has numbered pages, ideal for finding the notes I write for school It also has two bookmarks, so I can keep one in my calendar and one in my notes It comes in exciting colours. That's literally it..lol. Anyway, anyone elses thoughts? By the way, I fucking hate moleskine.
  12. Ahhh, I feel that! I've tried so hard to actually keep up on stuff, but its so hard to stay motivated... currently though this is what I'm working with. I use a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 hardcover (dotted) as my semester's 'book'. Basically, the first portion is a calendar where I keep all of my assignments. The middle of the book is where I have all my notes for all of my classes colour coded and done chronologically, and the back is typically doodles. I'm in uni so this works perfectly for me. I used to use Rhodia, if we wanna get into notebook discussions and why, I'm prob gonna make that topic now. I keep a travelers notebook (blank) as a collage/art journal. Its just whatever random crap I feel like that day, typically random watercolour combines with random stickers or paper glued down. Its fun to do some days when I want to relax and step away from the internet. I have a (very rarely used because I'm busy and depressed) book of shadows, followed by a notes book on tarot which I keep in an actual travellers notebook setup. I also keep a few other notebooks/pads for different purposes. Definitely the thing that motivates me is pre-making all of my spreads for the semester. I then fill it in the first day of school when I get the course calendar. That way I'm constantly using and referring to my book throughout the semester and everything is in one place. If you guys wanna see pictures, its super shitty, but I'd be willing to share.
  13. Okay guys, got this workin'. Feel free to answer and discuss!
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