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  1. Self harm is becoming normal part of my life. like i'm not even depressed anymore but i keep doing it anyways like it's just a thing that i do almost daily because i can.

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    2. NoSkinNoLife


      Oh I know that feeling, sorry to hear 😞 It may be just a subconscious thing at this point for you maybe? In that, maybe it does serve a 'purpose' but it's blocking it out?

    3. 62elmstreet


      I think it's just because I  hate myself allot and feel guilty about everything constantly so cutting is a way to punish myself for fucking up.

    4. Burger Queen

      Burger Queen

      I'm sorry to hear you feel that way about yourself. Like I said, I've been there so I understand that. Self harm is very addictive. I hope you'll break that addiction. You're a lovely person, I hope you can see it yourself too some day ❤

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