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  1. Why do we search so hard for the truth if the truth hurts so much? aren't we all just a bit happier being ignorant? 

  2. Met a nutritionist today at a program through my church. had some useful advice, it was nice. im suposed to have one but my insurance wont cover it

  3. Great, my therapist canceled our meeting and I've been fucked up for a week 

  4. time for my regularly scheduled breakdown.  stay tooned tuned for suicidal ideation, anxiety and depression. 

  5. I'm sorry I'm so worthless and that I disappoint and annoy everyone. I'm really hate myself right now. I don't wanna leave the ever again. I don't want to talk to people. I want to disappear and never be found. I'm so tired of being a burden to everyone and knowing that the only use I'll ever have is being a punching bag. I wish I was dead. I'm so sad

  6. been a long hard day and i should be sleeping but depression is a mean bitch who hates sleeping

  7. I'm trying to be happy and positive, I really am but theres always a voice in my head saying that everyone hates me and I don't belong here, it really gets to me

    1. PAO


      Hon, you know that's not true! *hugs*

  8. I wish that I was dead. Honestly the suicidal thoughts are getting to me and I'm really struggling.

    1. seair


      I know I am just a stranger on the internet but I really hope these thoughts subside and yoi start feeling better soon. 💕 xx

    2. 62elmstreet


      thanks, i'm definately feeling better, trying to get in to see my phycatrist as my depression and anxiety are getting to me

  9. I just want someone to care that im here, is that too much to ask?

  10. I'm really moody lately, just started my cycle and its killing me emotionally 

  11. My therapist is referring me out as I need more long term care than she can offer and more intensive therapy. I'm kinda upset as I really liked her

  12. I really cant afford to loose weight right now but I'm having stomach issues horrible anxiety and it all just adds to my need for relapse right now

    1. dollspit


      I wish I could do something to help, but all I can say is stay strong, hopefully everything's going to be good soon :(

    2. 62elmstreet
  13. I'm feeling a bit better today but I have allot to do and anxiety will be a bit high shortly 

    1. PooreClare


      Just try to breathe through it. Easier said than done, I know.

    2. 62elmstreet


      The day wasn't too bad, I got allot done and it was easier than I expected 

  14. Spent the night with my bf. Thank god he picked me up, I would have hurt myself if I had to stay home alone again 

  15. I had a breakdown yesterday. I've been so depressed lately. I got to church and was feeling a bit better but me and my bf started fighting and I couldn't handle the stress. I ended up telling him that we needed to wait to talk about things as I wasnt mentally stable enough to deal with it right now so he came over and calmed me down

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