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  1. I don’t know what I weigh right now and it’s driving me absolutely crazy…lol I feel so immature complaining about my parents hiding the scales but SERIOUSLY.

    1. Jermaxonz


      Same I have no idea how much I weigh either because we don't even keep scales in the house

      I'm planning to go buy one the next time I'm home alone for a while and maybe hide it in my room

  2. I was never particularly attached to MPA and I’ve gotten more meaningful interactions here and on Pancake in a week than I did on MPA in three months. I’ve found my new home. Besides, the new admin is shady, to say the least.
  3. LMAO my parents went through my room and found my scale (!!) but I went into their room, found one under the bed, weighed myself and put it back....advanced maneuvers

  4. Today I met with my psychiatrist and she said that they’re going to send me to an ED program, basically at this point they’re just looking for one that’ll take me. I’m fucking terrified.

    1. ghostingboy


      you're brave, you can cope! your happiness, health, and future are the most important things in your world. i believe in you

  5. i greatly enjoy the fact that i have profile #123

    1. almond butter

      almond butter

      i see ur sollux icon its 2018 you filthy homestuck

    2. exsanguination


      @almond butter i know, i am suitably ashamed

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