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  1. I have to eat Mexican food with my sister today as "payment" for watching her cats while she was on vacation. Ahahaha. I cannot win.

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    2. PooreClare


      I think I'll get a mushroom quesadilla in a corn tortilla. That won't give me too much carb overload, I don't think. I could get fajitas and not each the tortillas, but people look at you funny when you do that.

    3. Jermaxonz


      Or you could eat some of the tortilla but not all of it? I'm actually not sure what the difference is between a fajita and a taco but I think the bread is pretty thin either way

    4. PooreClare


      Fajitas are just a big skillet of veggies and meat (I get shrimp) served with tortillas on the side. You're supposed to make your own little taco out of them. I ate a cheese enchilada and some rice. So fat, so useless. 

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