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  1. I totally just ate my feelings. A LOT of my feelings. #fatforever

    Partially in refried beans. #fartforever

    I deserve this bullshit, too. I suck.

    1. Guest


      Even people who suck deserve to feel well... Unless they hurt baby animals, only they deserve pain and death. I'm sorry you're going through this.

    2. NoSkinNoLife


      You do not deserve it, you're struggling and trying hard as hell to cope - tomorrow is another day, and it'll be a lot better (and if you have pets, I'm sure they'll also want to sit with you again when the fartfest ends) - smile 🙂

    3. PooreClare


      I'm just going onward and upward today. I won't dwell on my weakness last night. I've identified the issue that led to the binge and have noted it. At least I didn't purge, mostly because my husband was home. He saved me from a much worse conscience.

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