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  1. Hey I am new I weigh 115 and I gained a lot of weight in break can someone give me tips on losing these extra pounds?

  2. Hope everyone's challenge is going well. I'm having a piece of a salmon and a potato for the first ember day. Was going to do asparagus, but choice was overridden by husband.
  3. Welcome to the challenge! My start day was semi-successful... long story short, my sleep got messed up and I ate leftovers at 3 AM. But, since I've been "up for the day," everything is getting better. Having a big cup of water before I commit to working for a few hours. Very much looking forward to my first liquid fast of the season tomorrow!
  4. Whoop whoop! Let's get excited for the Advent Fasting Challenge, starting tomorrow! Mosey on over and sign up! Advent Challenge

  5. I'm going to my hometown tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday, then I have yet another social event on Friday, so I'm considering today the end of the challenge for me. It was not as helpful for me this month as last month, but as always, I'm thankful to have a place to stay accountable. Wishing everyone else all the luck in the world in meeting your November goals! It's crunch time!
  6. Hello, friends, and welcome to the Fasting for Advent Challenge! For those of you who are unfamiliar: "Advent, for Western Christians starts the season for preparing for the coming of the Messiah and the celebration of Christmas with the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent always commences on the fourth Sunday before Christmas or the closest Sunday to St Andrew's Day and ending on Christmas Day." Advent for 2019 runs from Sunday, December first through Wednesday, December 25. While this is a Christian observance, it's probably based on some pagan shit, so anyone of any belief system (or lack thereof) is welcome to join. "But Clare," you say. "Penitential fasting belongs to the Lenten season, not the Advent! Have you run mad?" No, my friends. Penitential fasting belongs to all seasons when you hate yourself as much as I do, and besides, the medieval Church prescribed fasting for both seasons in question. Below, you'll find links to three articles about fasting for Advent through the ages. Being a medievalist and self-masochistic in nature, I'm gleaning the rules for this challenge from the Dark Age side of things. The rules are few, but they are strict: 1. No meat (aside from fish) or alcohol are permitted throughout the challenge. Dairy and eggs can be used sparingly. 2. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays are "Ember Days;" one meal per day is allowed, consisting only of fish and/or plants. No bread or baked goods are permitted. 3. Mondays and Thursdays are liquid fast days. 4. Tuesday and Sunday follow only rule #1, but that doesn't mean you get to go nuts and eat all the things. We're still in a somber and reflective state on these days. If you'd like to join, please make an introductory post like this one: Name: Clare Do you understand and agree to follow the challenge guidelines as closely as possible? Yes. Primary goal for this challenge: to successfully complete a fasting cycle and jump start weight loss for 2020. Informative articles: https://www.thecatholicthing.org/2014/11/30/fasting-for-advent/ https://www.medievalists.net/2015/12/63132/ https://www.baylor.edu/content/services/document.php/125490.pdf If you have any further questions, feel free to DM me or comment below. I look forward to completing this challenge together!
  7. The last few days have been garbage. My Christmas shopping is just about finished, though, so that's one goal near to completion. Now I just need to get through Thanksgiving so I can indulge in my Advent fast.
  8. I'm flip flopping, tbh. Sometimes I'm doing great. Sometimes I'm sinking my own damn ship.
  9. Me: measuring out homemade zucchini chips and weighing drained tuna.

    Carlos: "I got us M&M cookies and peanut butter and jelly ice cream!"

    This is clearly grounds for divorce.

    1. Jermaxonz


      What about Halo top's peanut butter jelly ice cream tho

    2. PooreClare


      Omg, sooooo good!

  10. Well, the good news: down 12.2 lbs since I started keto. Bad news: I accidentally bought the wrong tea, so I essentially just drank 36 carbs worth of corn syrup. If it kicks me out of ketosis, I will seriously off myself.
  11. Just realized I picked up a regular bottle of tea instead of diet, and I've consumed like 36 carbs of pure fucking corn syrup. I hate myself.

    1. porcelain light

      porcelain light

      awe i’m so sorry hun:classic_mellow: i hope tomorrow goes better!💕 

  12. Hit all my goals this week except the exercise one. I fell short by two days. I'm excited about weigh-in tomorrow. I took a sneak peek today and was pleased with my progress.
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