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  1. hey there! just wanted to see how you’re doing, it’s been a bit ❤️

  2. Happy 4th of July, Americaaaa!!

    1. Spankablebutt


      thanks ❤️ 

  3. This about sums up what I'll be doing as well What they said ... fuck I'm fucking up the quoting lol
  4. Hi! Hope you don't mind I started following you :)

    1. elaine benes

      elaine benes

      Me too! Haha

    2. queencarrion


      Not at all! Nice to meet you :3

  5. Is it bad that I enjoy being ticked off since it puts me in fast mode?

    1. Spankablebutt


      ( burning more cals never bad 😛 )

  6. Don't be bummed about not hitting your step goal, that's still a lot !! And I feel like all dates off tinder are weird haha but at least you found another smoke buddy, right? Or at least someone to hit up if you can't find weed anywhere lol
  7. Your food choices sounds so good! I wouldn't be able to fast either
  8. I'm glad you decided to up your intake since you were feeling dizzy. Your food sounds good too lol now I want sushi
  9. The title ❤️ Good luck btw.... and you're so young; Please be careful!
  10. Good luck! I'll be following :)
  11. Hiiiiii!!! 

    1. Prokofiev


      Hi hun 🙂

      i think I followed you - am a bit lost around here yet but will soon get used to it! So nice to see a familiar face :classic_love:

    2. DollieBones


      Yes you did :) and it is weird but hey, better than nothing, right? 

  12. Tysm for creating this community :) I don't have accountability threads usually but I enjoy following others
  13. Hiiiii

    1. Spankablebutt


      hey there! Are ya feeling the pangs of grieving MPA yet? lol 😛 

  14. FOUND YA! ❤️ Following!

    1. DollieBones


      Yay! I'm gonna go follow you back :)

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