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  1. On 9/24/2019 at 4:40 AM, Elissabeth said:

    Omg!! I nearly skipped my lecture but I switched my mind set, and I tried to overcome my fear of being late. (I hate disrupting the lecturer). And even though I was 5 minutes late, I was there!!! And I did it!! Oh yeah!! I'm very proud of myself ^^

    That was such a fear for me too when I was in school! I think unless the lecturer yells at people for being late and kicks them out of the classroom, there is not much to worry about. 🙂


  2. I've been very pre-occupied with (non-ED) issues for quite some time, but the fact that there's only 4 more months not until only the end of the year, but the end of the decade 😧 has really motivated me like I've not been motivated in a very long time!

    I'm still formulating my exact goals, but for sure it's going to involve two things:

    • Starting up a daily diet journal to record everything (good or bad)
    • Recording my weight daily in that journal as well.

    I'll join in as soon as I figure out the rest of it!

  3. On 2/17/2019 at 9:41 PM, icanhearMUSIC said:

    lol. maaan I don't know anything about all that. to me, you're a dude if you have a dick FUNDAMENTALLY. You can identify and call yourself whatever the fuck you want have sex with whoever and however you want. But if you have a swinging dick between your legs, then this is the group for you. the penis club. if you consider yourself a woman but you haven't yet gotten rid of your penis, then this group is for you. No ACTUAL vaginas here... otherwise like I said, whats the fucking point of having a separate group? I honestly don't get the hubbub it seems real  silly to me. To me its straight up physiology. All dick welcome. it really doesn't seem like a freaking hard thing to figure out.

    are you unsure whether you belong in this group? here I will be a doctor and inspect what you currently have between your legs. we like to somehow make it super complex, but brah it really is either or upon inspection... either you have a freaking penis or you do not. jiminy crickets

    Everyone needs to realize that not everyone else falls neatly into the categories that you, I or others, may or may not have.

    Specifically, on PAO there a folks of numerous backgrounds who struggle with their ED issues, including those who identify as trans and as I site we don't make those specific types of judgment calls.

    However, all of that being said, while differences of opinion... even passionate ones... are to be expected, the hostile nature and attitude behind your post is not compatible with the overall supportive and positive spirit of the site and it's pretty clear that PAO is not the type of site you are looking for.

  4. On 11/21/2018 at 12:10 AM, elaine benes said:

    cool! makes sense, yea this collection is an archive. it would be confusing to conflate it all!

    in the meantime, there already is the main ED memes thread in the media forum with some good content, that people can add to! i think i might start a general TV memes thread there too.

    I'm going to move the Memes content from the Media forum over to the brand new Memes forum. 

  5. 1 minute ago, elaine benes said:

    hi @PAO! question: is this discussion forum also for posting new memes and/or for chatting about them?

    Honestly I'm not sure yet, but I think I want to keep this specifically for the Reddit memes collection. I think I will actually create a new category in the Forums for Memes. You may recall Memes used to be a sub-category of the Film/Media/Art section but I got rid of the few categories since they weren't being used much.

    Most importantly, if you check out the main Gallery in the Memes section I'm in the middle of uploading about 2500 memes, mostly archived from MPA. And that official gallery section for Memes I've actually broken it down into filtered albums of various categories of memes. 

    This Reddit collection is just raw and kind of unwieldy, and about 20% don't even work well separated from their original post w/ text caption.

  6. This Community page has been created to provide easy access to the now-banned /r/ProEDMemes subreddit. There are a little under 6000 pictures and animated GIFs separated into two galleries (Memes & GIFs).

    Galleries are set to show highest-rated memes first. Since many memes (especially the animated GIFs) don't work outside the context of their original post feel free to rate those as 1-star (by clicking the picture itself). All of the 1-star rated pictures will be removed at a later date. It's highly recommended to change the view to Large Previews or Thumbnails for the best experience.

  7. On 8/2/2018 at 7:17 AM, Lorrainevw1102 said:

    I am from MPA too, from the 30+ forum


    6 hours ago, AllByMeOnsies said:

    I actually kept my MPA profile name, in case anybody I bonded with in the 30+ forum remembered me. Hadn't been to MPA for exactly two years, after having been on the site for AGES. 

    And then every time I left the 30+ forum, it was like hanging out in the lunchroom of a high school. Eek! 


    5 hours ago, Focused said:

    Also from MPA. I kept the same user name. Hadn't been active for several years as I fell down the rabbit hole again. When I came back this year, all my mates were either gone or inactive for a while also. I miss the camaraderie and support.


    1 hour ago, Alleykitten said:

    Yes I am from mpa although with every recovery i always deleted my account then started a new one every relapse 


    3 minutes ago, Nestingdoll said:

    Came from MPA, but hadn't been been there long (recent relapse after a Long time away) when the exodus seemed to take place. So glad this seems to be an older crowd (38 here)! 

    A great big group hello to all of you! (including anyone I may have missed)

    In some ways I view this whole site as an expansion of the 20+, 30+, and 40+ forums on MPA. (kind of like a Tardis!)

    It's crazy when ED websites (not just MPA, or MPA2 and EDC as well) has as their 'old folks' category starting at 20+, LOL... or JUST 20+ (like WhyEat.net) and leaves it at that.

  8. On 8/1/2018 at 10:14 AM, Kittytech9 said:

    Hello! I came over from MPA 1.0 as well. I'm usually on pancakes more, but was wondering if this community was starting to take off. Looks like it has! Nice to meet you all

    It's great to have you here! I hope you'll find some nice conversation on here as well 🙂

  9. FYI, as this is the end of the PAO Beta Testing the MPA Alumni Community is no longer being added automatically to new user account registrations.

    Also, the Community-type is being changed from Open to Private.

    Finally, this week we will start adding the "MPA Alumni Badge" to all current user accounts.

    Going forward, this badge may or may not be available, and admission into the MPA Alumni Community will require someone to show they were on MPA  as of April, 2018 or sooner.

  10. 4 hours ago, CoconutWater said:

    especially as the alternatives don't get high listings on google searches yet. New users are likely to end up on MPA before they realise there are other platforms.

    I'm not sure what the other sites do in turns of Search Engine Optimization or not or if their rankings are a concern. It is interesting though that numerous comments on MPA regarding us other sites are like "I did a search in Google and nothing come up" which shows how much even people on MPA are trying to use search engines to find the address of other sites (instead of just looking on the numerous posts and pinned threads on MPA).

    Right now and for the foreseeable future, PAO has it's search index-ability turned off by design.

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  11. 1 hour ago, leahisnotmyname said:

    Hello, all! Well, here is my introduction to the Adult Board 🏡👠 I am a 35 year old single mom to a 12 year old daughter. I have had my eating disorder for 6 years. So yes, that means I didn't develop my ED until I was already 29 years old. At the time, I was in an unhealthy marriage and I was struggling with severe depression and major low self-esteem.

    Without realizing it, ED crept into my life, at first disguised as a diet, just a plan to lose a little weight. But, like so many others, I possessed the qualities to make that perfect shit storm happen, and before I knew it I was sitting in a therapist's office with her asking me, "Have you ever considered that you might have an eating disorder?" I had gone to her to talk about my depression and my marriage problems, not my weight. 

    Fast-forward to now. I have since weight-restored and relapsed again, though my weight is not to the extreme degree that it was back then. My daughter's weight percentile on the Pediatric Growth Chart has gone lower and lower as the years have gone by. Her weight percentile, a year ago at her annual check-up, was no longer on the Pediatric Growth Chart and she was told that if she did not gain significant weight by her next year check-up, that she may have to be admitted to hospital. Although I was always very thin growing up, and her biological father was also tall and skinny, I fear that this is in some way my fault. She is a very picky eater, and has an extreme aversion to certain foods. I sometimes wonder if she has ARFID. She already displays anxiety-related issues, such as OCD-like tendencies. Have I passed on my terrible genes to her, as well as raised her in an ill environment? I've tried my best, I have! But I also know that my brain is warped so I can not always see things clearly. 

    These are the things I worry about most, being an adult with an eating disorder.


    **Note: in 9 months time, she has gained 10 pounds by drinking Ensure twice a day, as recommended by her pediatrician :classic_smile:

    It sounds like you are doing pretty well with her. Obviously you've had some sort of conversation with her and she's going along with what the doctor is saying. I think especially talking to her about such things is probably the single most important factor.

    Glad to have you here!

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  12. 2 hours ago, Guest said:

    Sigh. Im a recovering anorexic and embarrassed that Ive gained so much weight this past year. My bmi is close to maybe 35, but if i want discounted health care for a possible new job, i have to get my bmi down to below 30. Part of me isnt worried because i can seriously restrict and drop weight quick. But im also hesitant because last time i restricted on my "low food" diet, my hair started falling out. I like my hair. 😞

    Ugh that is a tough choice. What country are you in? I have never heard of this before.

    If you pay the higher cost will they lower the cost once you get your BMI below 30 or will it stay higher even if you do?

  13. On 7/5/2018 at 12:50 PM, Khaleesi said:

    This is somewhat basic, but does anyone have tips and suggestions for senior year of high school? I'm so nervous. I want it to be great- I want to play sports, get great grades, and socialize.

    This is such an important question! The most important thing is: you'll only get out of it, what you put into it. Which sounds simple but the idea is you need to do some affirmative steps and actions to utilize this opportunity. Depending on what you do in the future this could be your last/best chance for some time to really be yourself and make some memories, experiences, and friendships that will last.

    Especially if you don't go to college/university, or do not do so right away, this could be the last time in your life where you are thrown in with a mixed bag and diverse crowd. 

    • Unless your really, really, really focused on one thing for your life after high school, don't focus or obsess on ONE thing, ONE group of friends, etc. Diversify!
    • Get started now, don't wait until school starts. Depending on what you want, think about how you can prepare now. Care about some kind of sports? Reach out, talk to the coach, ask him or her what you can do NOW in the summer. Get in shape or join a summer program/team for that. Start whatever....NOW...in some fashion, so you can hit the ground running. Even if this is...preparing your computer/room/office/time management skills to be a better student. Or studying for ACT or SAT standardized tests. start ____ now. Or if it's socializing. You want to be a social butterfly? Start reaching out to people/students on social media, now. Whatever it is you want to be doing... start now, lol...
    • Prepare yourself for high school, and beyond, in terms of social media, email address, web page, hell even LinkedIn page. Need to get away from your junior high/middle school persona/baggage? That flutterbye24712@aol email address. Look at your senior year in high school as the start of your adult/life career. Still have fun, but set yourself up. Literally, this may sound silly, but set all that up, your other social media, get freaking business cards. haha. To be social, set up your social media in a well put together way....in advance (i.e. now).
    • Talk to a school counselor about your Fall schedule. Confirm what you are taking, figure out if there's anything you want to change, extra curricular options, etc. 
    • The people who do well in high school are the ones who are just barely, like 10%, more together, more prepared, more outgoing, and have put more forethought into things.
    • Break outside your element. Whatever that is, just ask what OTHER things go on that you would never consider. Joining X club or Y club that you had never even considered in the past.
    • Stand out: what about student government? Journalism? School paper. Why the fuq not? Break out, and stand out.
    • Don't let others define you. (this has lots of elements in it: diversifying, standing out, etc.)
    • Don't get caught up in your own head or your own securities. Everyone is insecure in high school. The successful and jealousy-invoking people are the ones who don't show it and don't let it slow them down.
    • And most importantly, again.... you'll only get out of it, what you put into it.

    School is like a battlefield for your heart...

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  14. 1 hour ago, Guest said:

    I was automatically put into this community and I was wondering: How did PAO know I was from MPA? Was it just as simple as registering with the same e-mail I used for MPA? Was it a default setting? Just curious!

    No magic or super sekret hacker tricks...

    Right now PAO has all indexing/google search turned off...
       ...and we only talk to people and invite them on MPA at this point (beta test)...
         ...and we've asked people not to invite others from outside MPA at this point.

    In the future new people will not be added automatically to the MPA Alumni group if/when PAO expands its presence beyond strictly the MPA community.

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  15. 7 minutes ago, Sansa said:


    This is honestly the biggest reason why I will not go back to MPA.  The glitches were annoying, but I had faith that they would be fixed in time and things would get better.  I understand that everyone has busy lives, and perhaps had a little too much trust in admin.  It's not the fault of the mods there at all, they are all wonderful human beings.  The admin however...this is really not cool of someone to do when they're running a forum for mental health issues.  Absolutely zero trust in whomever is actually running the site now.  

    I really hope that POA takes off, absolutely love the atmosphere here.  Thank you for giving us another place to go. ❤️ 

    Thank you. It's a challenge but things are going well so far and I hope we can provide a stable community and awesome alternative for the pro-ana Community through this site.

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  16. Although many people are happy the majority of MPA problems were fixed the surprise problem is that MPA was only down for 20 or 30 minutes to fix the terrible glitches. People are extremely upset that after over a year of errors and problems it took almost nothing to fix them.  

    Further investigation has revealed the site was sold off to a company some time ago and that company was even bought out itself. It is operated by a company that runs a lot of forums for various types of automobiles and such. They buy forum-based sites with lots of traffic for a cash payout in order to collect the banner revenue long term.

    So the mods feel used and ignored and the community realizes its all about the banner advertisement revenue.

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  17. To make everyone feel more at home there is an option for full-browser users (computer or mobile) to change the Theme for PAO to a "Classic MPA" look.  It does an amazing job in mirroring the actual look of Myproana.

  18. This thread is a resource for those leaving MPA and not staying on PAO or perhaps leaving the entire pro-ana Internet community in general.

    Whether you want to share your contact/forwarding information or just wish to express some parting thoughts and fond farewells to someone who might see this in the future you can at least let people know that you are OK but moving on.

    Please consider whether you want to share email or other social media account handles. Please do not share more specific details unless you understand and accept the risk.

  19. MPA was such a huge long time presence in the pro-ana scene that it truly dominated to the point that it developed its own memes and notorious incidents and episodes. This topic is for all those who want to share their memories of famous or noteworthy incidents from MPA does gone by.

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