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Status Updates posted by PAO
  1. I hope everyone has found a video or two they like If you missed any check the Film library as they have been put up  there too.

  2. Thanks for reporting that SPAM-bot! :weight_happy:

  3. PAO

    Thanks for pointing out the issue with joining the Introspection Challenge! You first need to request to join that Community group as it is a closed group. Then in a day or two you should be approved:


    1. psilydeadshroom


      This is so interesting!! thank you for sharing the link 🙂


  4. Thanks for checking out the Kast room! If you can test things out again it should work for you now.

  5. Ok it looks like these are working again!

  6. You're package arrived! I hope you can get it from the office!!!!111one

    You're not working today are you? Just getting ready for your trip tomorrow?

  7. Signed up for a Costco Membership just so I could buy a 2 year membership at the 24 Hour Fitness gym, just in time to get reimbursed by my company for 2018 health/wellness expenses. Final cost of the 2 years (even with having to buy a Costco membership) after I get refunded from my company is only $140.

  8. Thanks for the submission in the Films section!

    1. hypothetical


      No problem! It's a pretty neat idea 🙂


  9. If anyone keeps a sizeable collection of ED movie links and wants to help build a new "Films" section on PAO, please let me know.

    1. PooreClare


      I'm having a hard time embedding the videos. It's probably user error, but I tried a couple different ways and got frustrated. 

    2. PooreClare


      I just figured it out! Total user error. 

  10. Let me know what you think of the new "Unanswered Topics" feature.

    1. PooreClare


      I think it's a great idea, especially when it comes to unanswered introductions. I'm interested to see how effective it will prove to be.

    2. hypothetical


      This is a really smart feature and a lot more efficient than looking through New Posts for topics w/no replies.

    3. NoSkinNoLife


      I agree, that's a really good idea, and it might also put you on to great posts you might otherwise have missed

  11. Oh, that quiz is not supposed to be visible yet 🙂 It's not finished, lol...

    1. PooreClare


      Consider me your pre-market tester.

    2. PAO


      I'll let you know when it's done, hopefully tomorrow, haha...

  12. Loving your profile background!

  13. Please let me know if you are having problems replying to topics or not. I believe it should be cleared up now.

    1. Durian


      This isn't an error in replying, but I just tried to make a poll for my Males of PAO community and it told me there was an 'error' and I needed to fill out the highlighted space. When I looked, it had taken me to a normal post style, and had highlighted the 'topic' portion.

    2. azureice_echo


      i think it's working ok for me.
      i had one glitch where i had to click the button twice, but it did post.  most of the posts are posting with a single click.

      Thanks for handling everything so proactively.

  14. Going to upgrade out systems on the back end. The server will be going down in just a minute but will be back up by 5:30 am EST / 1030 GMT.

  15. Oh no, my friend found out she has a 15+ year warrant in another state and wont be able to keep her new job if she cant get it cleared. 😞

    1. Pandie


      Oh no! How crazy would that be to find out!

    2. SassPass


      How does that even happen? Wouldn't it have just been dropped by that point?

  16. PAO

    Test to see if you get this notification on your status 🙂

    1. Mum


      Yes, I did. Thanks. It is just when someone posts a reply to the post I made in the forum whereby I haven't received a notification.  Thanks 🙂

  17. First out of the gate to play with the gallery. Still in the midst of configuring it. 🙂 But am mostly done now. Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to test things out and play with features.

  18. Thanks for helping to test out the gallery!

    1. azureice_echo


      No prob!  Glad i could help.

    2. PAO


      OMG it's nice to see you back!

    3. azureice_echo


      It's nice to BE back!  <3  🌈

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