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The ProAna.online Commandments
No using the PAO website if you are under 16 years old.
No using the PAO website if you do not have an eating disorder.
No posting or asking for "tips and tricks."
No posting or asking for "Ana Buddies" or "Ana Coaches."
No dieting, fasting, or weight loss contests or competitions*.
No posting pictures of other people.
No thinspo*, bonespo, fatspo, nude, SI (bleeding), or sexual pictures (selfie body-check, fashion, scar pics are allowed).
No body shaming, thin shaming, fat shaming, slut shaming, or any kind of shaming.
No posting of material or links to material that violate copyright.
No threatening, cyber-bullying, or inducing others to self-harm.
No deceitful, fraudulent, criminal, or sexually exploitive/grooming behavior.

(*)  Community areas are allowed to have competitions and thinspo so long as they are clearly marked in the title and description of the Community.

Protecting Your Own Privacy

As many users of the PAO website and within the 'Pro-Ana' Internet community at large are frequently harassed, stalked, and targeted for exploitation, both on-line and off-line, we strongly advise against any of the following:

  • Using the same username or 'handle' on PAO that you use elsewhere.
  • Using the same password on PAO that you use elsewhere for any account.
  • Using an employer, school, or any other non-anonymous email address tied to your user account.
  • Using a password that is a word from the dictionary or less than 12 (twelve) characters in length.
  • Sharing any personal medical or mental health details without extremely careful prior consideration and reflection.
  • Sharing any personal financial information.
  • Accepting gifts, offers of gifts, or money from anyone.
  • Responding to any offers for an 'Ana Buddy', 'Fasting Buddy', or 'Ana Coach'.
  • Participating in a video chat or webcam session outside an official PAO Admin or PAO Moderator-organized group video chat.
  • Arranging or agreeing to meet anyone in person with whom you meet on PAO.
  • Sharing any body-length pictures where your face has not been cropped off.
  • Using any pictures in your profile, signature, or posts that you have ever used elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Sharing any personal details such as your city, employer, school, last name, or even your first name (especially if unique).
  • Sharing any contact details such as your e-mail address, home address, phone number, Twitter, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube channel, Snapchat, blog site, accountability page, fitness tracking page, etc.
  • Sharing any information, pictures, etc., of a revealing nature that could in any way be used to exploit, blackmail, or coerce you.
  • Accepting any outside invitations or links that take you to another site.
  • Trusting any user who is a new user, guest user, or has limited posts.
  • Allowing yourself to be pressured, guilted, or coerced into doing, sharing, or revealing anything you have the slightest discomfort or reservation about. 

The above privacy tips are not rules as we trust those accessing PAO to make their own choices, especially those who have been members of the 'Pro-Ana' Internet community for many years. However, we suggest in the strongest possible terms that the above advice are steps you can take to safeguard your own privacy using PAO. 

Important Information

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