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  3. Kiddo woke me three times last night, about the ex. I’m trying to remind her of the pain of those history, but ultimately the choice of her actions lie in her hands. She insists she’s been in love with this guy the entire time, etc. more than anything I want to wrap her in a cozy blanket and run away from life, keeping her safe and away from all this pain. 

    I know I can’t do this, and no matter where I run, I can’t escape the bleeding pain inside myself. It’s killing me. 

  4. Well, I give up. Kiddos abusive ex is back on the scene, I'm single parenting it for right now, I’ve gained a decent chunk of weight very rapidly from binging...and my hair is falling out from stress. 


    But my therapist thinks I'm doing great. Fml. 

  5. I want to hibernate... just like, sleep for a few months. but without fattening up first.

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  7. October 13: ✅✅❌❌ October 14:✅✅❌❌ October 15: ✅✅❌❌ October 16: ✅❌❌❌ A quick overview. Maybe I set too high goals with standing still. My life involves a lot of studying rn, but it'll be worth it!
  8. Sitting at work, where it’s already a horrid mindfuck, and just fighting tears. No idea why, but I just want to curl into a ball and sob

    1. NoSkinNoLife


      I know that feeling all to well - hang in there!

  9. What's everyone's favourite scary movie? I love the Hannibal saga.

    1. NoSkinNoLife


      I've always really liked 'Halloween H20', though so many hate it. And 'Chucky' has a special place 🙂 As for newer films, 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' I actually really really liked, especially for the fact that they show 'both sides' to the story

  10. Had a mini binge a couple of days ago-- ate a breakfast pastry and a little jar of peanut butter. Weighed this morning and I'm back to normal, though. Hope you're all having a good month! We're halfway through already.
  11. Last week
  12. My roommate is pissed at me bc I was in the bathroom when she needed it I guess but I left the bathroom for like 3 min this morning and she didn’t go in so how is that my problem???

    1. hypothetical


      Like boo fucking hoo you might be late, maybe knock before then, or go in when it’s empty. And actually talk to me about it instead of bitching on social media. She’s made me late/inconvenienced me so many fuckin times now so like???? Also she uses *alll* the fucking toilet paper and won’t buy more to replace it, and went under my fucking sink to get my secret stash. Like what the fuck???? She really had to go searching for that too because I never even told her bitchass it was there. IM SO ANNOYED. I know this should be in the Say anything forum but I’ve already typed it all out 😩

  13. To be quite honest, I'm struggling to keep up with things. I've been to busy/tired to eat, but my exercise routine has slipped. My journal is spotty. I'm trying my best, and telling myself that at least I'm not binging or purging.
  14. aBigUglyBoy


  15. Haven't been doing to well food wise but I have been losing weight. Its terrifying and reassuring at the same time. Cw: 146.4
  16. October 8-13th ✅ Study goal reached. Barely tho tbh ✅ 1 fun thing a day has been done— but I might add the parameter that it needs to be outside of my home. Bc I can feel the old reclusiveness creeping in and I shouldn’t reward that with fun activities. ❌ 80oz water. Literally never completed this. On any day this week. Pretty sure my urine is burgundy. Reflection: I. NEED. TO. DRINK . WATER. Also I was right about blowing my budget lmao so I’m glad I got rid of that goal 🙃
  17. October 11: My study counselor ensured me it was going to be okay. I attended my classes, didn't really self study today, maybe one hour. I haven't written in my diary or didn't stand still. October 12: self study went well, I had no classes. There are two goals that I'm constantly failing. Writing in my diary and standing still. Maybe it's a good idea to evaluate these and get new goals. I hope your challenges are going well!!
  18. we begin our broadcast day...

                                           Today, Radio is a useless fuck who can't remember to take his medication. I ate a bagel.

  19. My carb cravings are horrible today! All I can think of is pastry. 

  20. Why do we search so hard for the truth if the truth hurts so much? aren't we all just a bit happier being ignorant? 

  21. October 9: Diary: yes Attend classes: no Standing still: no Self- study: yes, I've done a lot! October 10: I attended my classes and studied for 2 hours. Today I've heard my course packet of my degree wasn't approved by the exam committee because two courses are too alike. This means I'm missing 3 credits.. and that I can't get my bachelor degree this month... however, I'm going to try to convince the committee that it is a totally different course (despite it having the same name). I really hope it works. This news really pulled me down 😞 I couldn't concentrate on studying anymore so I was gaming instead of studying. I'm going to my study advisor this afternoon, I really hope she can help!!
  22. Was my day off work and I'm tired, so I didn't go to the gym. Will definitely go tomorrow. Meal prepping as we speak. Keto is going well so far.
  23. Earlier
  24. Totally forgot that makeup was part of goal 3 and I did good for the first part but today I forgot half my routine because I am basically averaging 3 hours sleep a night. At least coffee exists?!?!?!
  25. 9th October Goal 1: nada Goal 2: oui Goal 3: £24.50/£20.00 so far I have bought a sandwich, a protein ball, pitta bread, chocolate almond milk, oat milk, hummus, vegan chicken nuggets and a bottle of wine...the wine has definitely tipped me over 1/3 10th October Goal 1: again, none! I have been working loke 12 hour days so there is no surprise Goal 2: nope...removed my makeup wayyyy too late Goal 3: see above All da fun and failure!
  26. I passed the last week binging and doing nothing, except walk, so I could say that I've mantained one goal, I guess... start again the diet tomorrow, I can still lose 5lbs this month!
  27. Met a nutritionist today at a program through my church. had some useful advice, it was nice. im suposed to have one but my insurance wont cover it

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