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what it says on the tin. anyone welcome from beginners to professionals. let's swap tips and stuff!

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  2. Aside from being attracted to really moody music and very thin musicians (-note to self, make thinspo thread-), my ED never really overlapped with my music until I had a teacher suggest I start demoing my music, making social media profiles, and going public. Aside from the crippling type-A issues of feeling like I'm not a good enough musician, I realized that there was NO. WAY. I was E.V.E.R. going to allow myself to be see publicly on social media at this weight, which triggered my relapse a few months ago and I haven't really gotten out of it since. But yeah, that kind of pressure is insane and I haven't even stepped into the thick of it yet. 🤐 Does your music fuel your ED? Does it calm you down? Provide a distraction? A relief? A trigger? What draws you to your music?
  3. Basically, I want to just spam in here, flood this forum with new content, and drag this entire community back into the light. Because, really, how do people live without music in their lives?? I am obsessed and hopefully some of y'all are as well so I'm not as lonely ❤️ 🎵
  4. If so would you be willing to make a bass or rhythm guitar tab for me? I suck at figuring shit out by ear
  5. Go on then, any instrument teachers here? How does your ED affect your ability to teach / interact with your pupils? I taught Violin, ABRSM Grades 1-5 to primary school students, private lessons only. I stopped last year though.
  6. I put together a little musician survey.
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