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Low calorie cooking

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  2. I like omelettes because you can hide vegetables in them and then you don't have to make a side salad or anything. It's also really satisfying to make a successful omelette.
  3. I love a good egg sandwich with tomato and arugula and a little dab of mayo.
  4. i love love love egg whites, especially as an omelet. Its one of the only things I really eat any more. I add red bell pepper, mushroom, tomato and red and and then a bunch of spices (:
  5. I'm really intrigued by the idea so I might make some next week. If any of you make cauliflower rice do you have any recipe ideas you can give me?
  6. I eat the whole egg, since it's so nutritious. I rely on them often, too. They're a safe protein/fat. I usually scramble or hard boil. Sometimes I'll soft-boil so the whites are just set but the yolk is still slightly runny. I like this in a mess with tuna. Sometimes I saute greens or cabbage, and then use the hot vegetables + a lid to cook the top of an egg while the bottom gets crisp. It ends up over medium - firm white, runny yolk. This is my latest safe food. Shakshuka is also easy and not too calorie heavy.
  7. I usually add hard boiled egg whites to my salad. Occasionally, I’ll scramble egg whites with some garlic powder, onion powder and pink Himalayan sea salt, but it’s been ages since I’ve done that.
  8. I hate eggs but i am trying to make myself like the eggwhite So far i didnt mind making an eggwhite omelette... lots of spices, an eggwhite and spinach and baby tomatoes
  9. I have egg so rarely that when I do have them, I boil them and leave them unsalted. Then chop em and turn in with tuna chunks, sweetcorn, tomato and cucumber. Mainly because of a quick vitamin/minerals boost, but also love the taste. I used to love scrambled eggs, but it feels wrong without bacon, so I dont make it anymore. Same reason I dont make my own recipe of chicken croque madame anymore - tastes divine with the egg, but too calorific
  10. I rely on eggs for protein a lot. I usually just do up a scramble; sometimes I hard boil them for egg salad. What do you do to your eggs? Do you just eat the whites, or the whole thing?
  11. Tuna salad (91 calories) you need: - large tomato (33 calories) - 0,2 cucumber (4) - 1/2 can tuna (40 calories) this depends on your brand canned tuna in water and size of can 🙂 - 1 cup lettuce (10 calories) - 0,5 tbsp mustard - lemon juice, spices. instructions: - chop up all vegetables and put it into a bowl with the canned tuna - in a cup, mix the mustard and lemon juice, salt and pepper. - pour it over the salad. I prefer to add extra pepper after.
  12. Shirataki ramen (99 calories) you need: - boullion - veggies - shirataki noodles instructions: - add a boullion cube into 1/2 liter water and boil - steam 35 grams broccoli mix (has cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) steam or pan sear 3 spears cut up aspargus -sautee the konjac/shirataki noodles until they scream - add spices to it all, especially the noodles - assemble and enjoy!
  13. Cauliflower steak and mashed cauliflower (137 calories total) you need: - a medium cauliflower or half a large cauliflower, depending on how much you want to make (132 calories) - spices like salt, pepper, garlic powder or what you like. (5 calories) instructions: - cut the cauliflower into half. then cut a 1-2 inch "steak" out from the flat side, try to keep it from falling apart 🙂 - cut the rest fo the cauliflower into smaller florets and steam with with a little water and salt. - put the cauliflower steak into a non-stick pan and roast it on both sides until it is nice and toasty, and cooked how you like it. If you think it is too raw inside, put a little water into the pan and cover, so it steams. - mash the steaming cauliflower into a cauli mash with a fork or hand blender, until it is the texture you like. You can add a little water here, or remove a little before you blend. - Add spices to both, and enjoy! In the picture i only used 1/2 cauliflower head
  14. Hello everyone! I thought it was time for me to make a post with all my recipes. They will come one at a time, when i find the pictures and recipes hidden away. There will also just be some of my safe/low calorie foods, not specific recipes. So I hope you will like them! most include vegetables. Cause vegetables are good 😛 there will also be calorie counts!
  15. The aubergine pizza I talked about earlier but with extras! Aubergine Pizza Aubergine: 17 calories 40g puree: 6 calories 25g mature cheddar cheese: 100 calories Rice (extra) barenaked rice (low cal brand- pretty good just a bit stinky ) : 18 calories 1/2 tablespoon ketchup: 9 calories Total: 150
  16. 2) Courgette boats These are my fave food ever I either make it with aubergine or courgette (egg plant or zucchini) but this is courgette and I'm making an aubergine one tonight so I'll post that tonight. small courgette: 33 calories 20g puree: 3 calories 2 slice of Tesco presliced cheese: 104 calories This makes four boats at only 104 calories 🙂 Just whack it in the oven for 20 mins and you have pizza heaven
  17. Just low cal recipes 🙂 want this to turn into a kinda cookbook like on mpa so feel free to add your own! (Also I'm not sure how to add pictures properly so I'm uploading these one at a time, I hope that's okay!) 1) Ice cream! This one isn't my recipe at all, I found it on the mpa recipe page, I just modified it slightly. (This was a VERY big bowl so feel free to half the recipe, I sure will be!) 84g egg white: 44 calories 5tsp canderal sweetner: 10 calories 1tsp hot chocolate power: 13 calories So this is actually raw meringue batter just frozen into ice cream, you can eat it not frozen too but I always crave Ice cream 🙂
  18. I can always have protein, a side, and a vegetable for <400 calories. What's abnormal to me is: dinner plates, seconds, dousing everything in oil, not drinking water while you eat, having any kind of high calorie drink, you know?
  19. Has there been a topic for this yet? I'd really like to start a thread to find more substitutes in recipes as well as which ones actually work/taste good Here's a few links I've found to start off, feel free to add to the list with your own, and share experiences if you've tried anything! 10 substitutes for butter in baking: https://delishably.com/dairy/Substitutes-for-Butter-in-Baking Lower carb alternatives for bread, potatoes, and pasta: https://experthometips.com/cutting-carbs-21-alternatives-to-bread-potatoes-pasta Video for a few other random cooking substitutes/swaps (she has a lot of good recipes on her channel as well):
  20. White fish and tuna, chicken/turkey breast. Non sweetened greek yogurt too Egg whites are my favorite because they are super low-cal ❤️
  21. Today's concoction: 114 grams of 2% cottage cheese; 30 grams granola with almonds, oats, etc.; a tablespoon whole flax; a light sprinkling of "lite" salt (half table salt, half potassium salt); generous dose of powdered cinnamon; you could add sweetener, though I did not and would not. This was not something I'd want all the time, but it was delicious, just a little rich. Sweet, slightly salty, plus the cinnamon, made for a nice combination. I'd make less next time; a full serving of each was a little too much food. I didn't really want the last couple of bites. My math has that at 260, give or take. I didn't measure the flax by weight, just threw the spoonful in on an impulse, so I rounded up to 300, just in case.
  22. It's alright if it's not a recipe lol, still helps Sorry this reply is late but apparently I don't get any notifications on here (still trying to get the hang of this site) I do rely on greek yogurt and eggs for lower calorie breakfast food already but I will definitely look into some other suggestions I haven't yet, thank you!
  23. Going off the cheeses suggestion above, one of my faves is string cheese. They have fat free options too. And since they are individually packaged, you can take one with you to eat whenever, I like to have one with me to eat when I’m really lagging. Which reminds me, I should buy some more string cheese... edit - just realized this is in the recipes section, my bad! Lol, obviously I am aware that packaged string cheese is not a recipe... Still awesome tho.
  24. You can try a good protein powder. Isopure is pricy, but has an excellent product without a lot of flavorings and sweetener and all that. I'm not sure how much is "too much" of carbs/fats for your purposes. I don't mean to tease by that comment, either. Everyone's disorder is a little different. But fat free Greek yogurt, or skyr, are both high in protein with minimal carb. Fat free cottage cheese, too. Eggs, cheeses, soy, flax, chia, quorn are all excellent. Almonds are good, too.
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