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  • Recent Status Updates
    • girlinthecorner

      Kiddo woke me three times last night, about the ex. I’m trying to remind her of the pain of those history, but ultimately the choice of her actions lie in her hands. She insists she’s been in love with this guy the entire time, etc. more than anything I want to wrap her in a cozy blanket and run away from life, keeping her safe and away from all this pain. 

      I know I can’t do this, and no matter where I run, I can’t escape the bleeding pain inside myself. It’s killing me. 

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    • girlinthecorner

      Well, I give up. Kiddos abusive ex is back on the scene, I'm single parenting it for right now, I’ve gained a decent chunk of weight very rapidly from binging...and my hair is falling out from stress. 


      But my therapist thinks I'm doing great. Fml. 

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    • gardevoir

      I want to hibernate... just like, sleep for a few months. but without fattening up first.

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    • girlinthecorner

      Sitting at work, where it’s already a horrid mindfuck, and just fighting tears. No idea why, but I just want to curl into a ball and sob

      1. NoSkinNoLife

        I know that feeling all to well - hang in there!

    • PooreClare

      What's everyone's favourite scary movie? I love the Hannibal saga.

      1. NoSkinNoLife

        I've always really liked 'Halloween H20', though so many hate it. And 'Chucky' has a special place 🙂 As for newer films, 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' I actually really really liked, especially for the fact that they show 'both sides' to the story

  • Staff Online

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