Privacy Policy for the and (PAO) websites.
Version 1.0.0b (Updated July 2019)

At PAO we consider the privacy and online safety of our users to be of upmost importance. This Privacy Policy document describes the types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) potentially stored by PAO and how we use it to protect the PAO community.


This Privacy Policy has the following purposes:

1. To provide a plain-language understanding of how we treat PII so that you can make an informed choice about what data to share and whether to use PAO.

2. To make it clear to those with a criminal or sexual intent that PAO employs means to log, prevent, detect, and identify criminal use of our site; and that such information may be shared with anyone at our discretion or where required by law.

3. To provide the practical steps you can follow to provide greater protection for your privacy.

4. To make it clear that even with reasonable efforts we cannot guarantee the safety or privacy of any user data or PII and that use of PAO is subject to these risks.


By creating a user account on PAO or signing in with Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication you are required to give your express and affirmative consent to the content and scope of this Privacy Policy.

By creating a user account on PAO or signing in with SSO authentication, or accessing the PAO website as a guest or using another account or accessing the PAO website in any other manner directly or indirectly, you are giving your implied consent to the content and scope of this Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge that you are over the age of 16 (sixteen) and that you are legally competent to give such consent.

Data Usage & Sharing

Data and PII stored by PAO is used to maintain the safest possible environment for our users by helping us to identify sexual predators, identify those attempting to use the site for criminal purposes, and to identify those hostile to or otherwise seeking to disrupt the PAO user community or other "Pro-Ana" communities.

PAO collects only the minimal possible amount of data and PII required for the site to function typically in the form of a user handle and email-address. For example, PAO does not directly collect first or last names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, bank information, credit card information, or birth dates.

Data and PII may be exchanged with other "Pro-Ana" communities to facilitate banning users who are suspected of having criminal or sexual purposes at our sole discretion.

Data and PII will not be sold to third-party advertisers, analytics companies, or any companies for any commercial purpose.

Most data and PII from unused accounts will not be retained indefinitely. Accounts that appear to be from one-time use of our site or relating to accounts that appear to be inactive will be deactivated from our system every 6 (six) to 12 (twelve) months. Deactivated accounts are removed from our mailing list.


Internal website data such as system logs and server logs may be maintained even for deactivated accounts.

By using PAO or allowing the use of PAO on any Internet device you agree to all the terms of these "Data Usage & Sharing" terms.

Data Tracking & Storage

PAO makes use of log files, cookies, web beacons, and database-stored information. The information collected by PAO may include Internet protocol (IP) addresses, geolocation data, browser information, Internet Service Provider (ISP) information, proxy server and/or Tor network information, date/time stamps, referring/exit pages, profile information, account details, site usage, and any other information posted or transmitted on our site by any user whether in public or private.

Data and PII stored by PAO may be kept live on the PAO website itself or on backups of the website, including on-line cloud backups or off-line backup media such as DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, USB drive, solid state disk (SSD), hard disk drive (HDD), or tape backup.

Data may be kept and exported/imported, or transmitted between multiple legal jurisdictions including, but not limited to, the United States and the European Union. Data may be stored or transmitted in an unencrypted format, including to your computer or other Internet access device.

Web crawlers, archives, search engines and similar sites may index data contained anywhere on PAO. PAO does not block such indexing and once information has been indexed by such sites removing it from PAO will not remove it from such search results or archives.

By using PAO or allowing the use of PAO on any Internet device you agree and acknowledge all the terms contained in this "Data Tracking & Storage" section.

Third Party Privacy Policies
PAO may be accessed through third-party means such as through the Tapatalk App, PAO-branded Android or iPhone apps, the Discord App, connected chatrooms, or SSO accounts from other service providers including Microsoft, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of such services or data leaked from those services or apps. Those services or apps are governed by their own Privacy Policies and Terms of Service beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy.

By using PAO or allowing the use of PAO on any Internet device you agree and acknowledge all the terms contained in this "Third Party Privacy Policies" section.

Children's Information

We believe it is important to provide added protection for children online. We encourage parents and guardians to spend time online with their children to observe, participate in and/or monitor and guide their online activity.

PAO does not knowingly collect any PII from those under the age of 16 (sixteen) without parental permission. If a parent or guardian believes that PAO has in its possession the PII of their child that they do not consent to, please contact us immediately using the 'Contact' link or sending a message to the @PAO user account and we will remove all PII that is being held on our website, as allowed or required by law, within 30 (thirty) days, subject to the "Limitations & Exclusions" below.

By using PAO or allowing the use of PAO on any Internet device you agree and acknowledge all the terms contained in this "Children's Information" section.

Limitations & Exclusions

PAO is not a business entity, corporation, non-profit, organization, or any other legal association of any kind. PAO does not sell any goods nor provide any services in any country or jurisdiction.

Any information that is legally required to be held for law enforcement or for the prevention, investigation, or detection of criminal behavior against PAO or its users may be kept online or may be moved offline in an encrypted format and stored or forwarded to legal authorities as may be required or determined necessary by PAO.

Due to the anonymous or pseudo-anonymous nature of PAO we do not guarantee that we have any legally and sufficiently reliable means to compare and verify any individual's identity with the original person who created an account as we do not collect any address, birth date, credit card, phone number, or any other uniquely verifiable information at the time of account creation or afterwards.

If you claim to have lost access to your account, we are usually unable to help you get it back for the above stated reason. You are invited to create a new account if that happens and agree to notify us in a timely manner regarding the loss of access of your original account. If nobody accesses the original account within a reasonable time period of up to 90 (ninety) days, we can delete or deactivate that user account, related profile information, and posts made by that account, upon further request and based on our investigation of access logs on the basis that it appears to be an abandoned account.

Beyond data in a user account profile, the only information we keep (logs, IP addresses, site usage, etc.) is strictly related and used in preventing or identifying criminal or sexually exploitive behavior on PAO and such information is not subject for release to any individual, included a purported account holder, as we are legally prohibited from doing so.

For each of the reasons individually, and for all of the reasons taken together as listed in this "Limitations & Exclusions" section of our Privacy Policy, PAO is not covered by any form of Subject Access Request (SAR) or similar requirements to release stored data.

"Do Not Track" (DNT) requests are not processed by PAO and will not affect the extent to which PAO tracks or monitor site usage or handles data.

By using PAO or allowing the use of PAO on any Internet device you agree and acknowledge all the terms contained in this "Limitations & Exclusions" section.

Protecting Your Own Privacy

As many users of the PAO website and within the "Pro-Ana" Internet community at large are frequently harassed, stalked, and targeted for exploitation, both on-line and off-line, we strongly advise against the following:

Using the same username or "handle" on PAO that you use elsewhere.
Using the same password on PAO that you use elsewhere for any account.
Using the same account recovery information on PAO that you use elsewhere for any account.
Using the same "signature" information that you use or have posted elsewhere.
Using the same profile picture or other pictures that you use or have posted elsewhere.
Using an employer, school, or any other non-anonymous email address tied to your user account.
Using a password that is a word from the dictionary or less than 12 (twelve) characters in length.
Sharing any personal medical or mental health details without extremely careful prior consideration and reflection as to how to how this affects your privacy.
Sharing any personal financial information.
Accepting gifts, offers of gifts, or money from anyone.
Responding to any offers for an 'Ana Buddy', 'Fasting Buddy', or 'Ana Coach'.
Participating in a video chat or webcam session outside an official PAO Admin or PAO Moderator-organized group video chat.
Arranging or agreeing to meet anyone in person with whom you meet on PAO.
Sharing any body-length pictures where your face has not been cropped off or obscured.
Using any pictures in your profile, signature, or posts that you have ever used elsewhere on the Internet.
Sharing any personal details such as your city, employer, school, last name, or even your first name (especially if unique).
Sharing any contact details such as your e-mail address, home address, phone number, Twitter, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube channel, Snapchat, blog site, accountability page, fitness tracking page, or other social media accounts.
Sharing any information, pictures, etc., of a revealing nature that could in any way be used to exploit, blackmail, or coerce you.
Accepting any outside invitations or links that take you to another site other than those listed in the PAO "Links Directory".
Trusting any user who is a new user, guest user, or has limited posts.
Allowing yourself to be pressured, guilted, or coerced into doing, sharing, or revealing anything you have the slightest discomfort or reservation about.

You have the ability to deactivate your account at any time under the "Account Settings" menu. You can specify special requests in the "Reason" box at the time of account deactivation such as that your past posts be hidden.

You can contact PAO by sending an email to proana /at/ protonmail /dot/ com if you have any further questions.